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washington, dc condo insurance

Washington, DC boasts a wealth of cultural treasures and landmarks for residents to enjoy — not to mention it's a walking and biking town (and so aptly known as one of the fittest cities in the country). With affordable condo coverage for your home in the nation's capital, life gets even better.

When you get a free Washington, DC condo insurance quote from our trusted partner, you get a variety of flexible options on your policy. Plus, there are tons of helpful discounts to help you enjoy reliable coverage without wearing out your wallet.

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While your homeowners association (HOA) coverage insures your building and common areas, it doesn't extend to your personal belongings or anything inside your unit. Here are some reasons why it's a good idea to purchase your own condo insurance.

Damage and theft protection

Say your condo is burglarized or there's water damage to your living room walls (or both). In either case, you might wish your HOA would take care of the bill, but they're both your responsibility. Condo insurance covers theft and damage though, so you don't have to worry about paying to replace your items or repair your home out of pocket.

Coverage for your personal liability

Say you set out to enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival with your family one day but you or someone in your family accidentally injure another festival goer. It's a sad reality, but a costly lawsuit and potential medical bills could wipe out your savings. Fortunately, your condo policy helps cover the injured party's medical bills and your legal fees.

how to save on coverage

You could potentially save on condo insurance, depending on the discounts your condo insurer offers. For instance, if you equip your condo with a few everyday safety features like deadbolt locks or a smoke alarm, you could save on coverage for your DC condo.

the condo market in dc

D.C. sometimes suffers from a lack of inventory when it comes to the housing market, but condo listings in the area jumped nearly 29 percent from February 2013 to February 2014. Thanks to a typically lower price tag and less demanding home maintenance (with an HOA to tackle building issues), a condo can be a great alternative to a house if you want to own a home in D.C.

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