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Condo insurance through Esurance can:

  • Cover your personal property wherever you go
  • Pay for medical expenses if a guest is injured in your home
  • Help with living expenses if the condo's damaged
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The prospect of replacing all your possessions, fixing busted appliances, or paying others' injury bills is pretty daunting. If you own a condo, it helps to have some backup. More 

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what condo insurance covers

Most standard, individual condo or H06 insurance covers:

Personal property: Helps replace belongings stolen or lost in a covered incident (like a fire). Your stuff can even be protected on the go.

Personal liability: If someone is injured inside your unit, or you accidentally injure someone away from home, this helps protect your assets and savings.

Damage to unit structure: Unlike in an apartment, in a condo you own everything inside your unit's walls — like carpeting, ceilings, and countertops. So, it's up to you to insure them.

Additional living expenses: If your condo is damaged to the point that it's uninhabitable, this helps relocate you and pay living expenses while repairs are made.

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cost of condo insurance

Because your condo association covers the outside of the building, among other things, you don't have many of the worries or risks traditional homeowners do.

A typical condo insurance premium is determined using factors such as:

  • Types and amount of coverage you choose
  • Your personal claims history
  • Weather risks
  • Your deductible
  • Your credit rating
  • The value of your belongings

Most condo owners have a bevy of simple options to trim costs or score discounts. Buying multiple policies with the same insurer, installing security systems and smoke detectors, improving your credit, or raising your deductible can all result in savings.

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condo insurance contact info

If you have questions about an existing condo insurance policy or need to report a claim, here's how you can get in touch.

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