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We strive to help you find some of the most affordable condo insurance rates available, which is why we've partnered with other top-name insurance companies to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck.

Policy discounts can leave you with extra cash

how to save on condo insurance

There are a number of ways to score savings on your condo coverage. From the shape of your roof to having a central fire alarm, we make it easy to access reliable coverage at an affordable price. (You can even get a discount just for being 55 or older!) See if you qualify for some of these common discounts and policy perks when you get a free online quote through Esurance.

  • Age of construction discount

    One of the easiest discounts to qualify for, you could earn additional savings on your condo insurance policy simply based on when the building or complex was built.

  • Roof shape discount

    In certain areas of the country, the shape of your roof can affect your insurance premium (and your ability to qualify for discounts!).

  • Indoor sprinkler system discount

    If there isn't one already, installing a sprinkler system in your condo protects you from the risk of fire damage and, depending on your insurer, could qualify you for this discount.

  • Central fire alarm discount

    Most modern condo buildings already have fire alarms installed in both individual condos and the building or complex itself. You could qualify for this discount just by living in a condo equipped with a central fire alarm system.

  • Paid-in-full discount

    What's better than not having to worry about your condo insurance bill for a whole policy term? Getting a discount for paying off your premium all at once, of course.

  • Secured community discount

    You could qualify for this discount if you live in a gated community that requires a security code to enter.

  • Central burglar alarm discount

    Keep thieves' paws off of your valuables and possibly qualify for this discount when you install a central burglar alarm in your condo.

  • 55+ discount

    This is one of those times when you want to disclose your age. If you're a policyholder aged 55 or older, you could qualify for this discount.

  • Wind resistant home features discount

    If your condo building has add-ons that protect the structure from high winds, you could qualify for this money-saving discount.

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