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Top 3 reasons to get a cell phone insurance plan:

  • Get coverage regardless of when you purchased your phone
  • Gain protection against loss, theft, and even water damage
  • Get a replacement phone within 2 days of an approved claim

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Our cell phones aren't just a way to make phone calls anymore — they're our cameras, GPS systems, music players, personal organizers, and more. And with full retail prices often exceeding $400, smartphones in particular can be pretty expensive to replace on your own. That's where cell phone insurance has your back. More [+]

what a cell phone insurance plan covers

Cell phone insurance from eSecuritel is available for most phones, regardless of when they were purchased.* That's a bonus because most programs offer insurance only at the time of purchase. More [+]

filing claims: get your phone replaced fast

If you ever have to file a cell phone claim, once it's approved, you can expect a replacement device promptly. You'll be able to file up to 2 claims per rolling 12-month period. More [+]

cost of cell phone insurance

An eSecuritel policy provides comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for anyone on a budget. When you buy a plan, a small monthly premium between about $5 and $11 will be applied to your phone bill. More [+]

phone insurance contact info

If you have questions about an existing policy or need to report a claim, here's how you get in touch with an eSecuritel representative.

Phone: 1-888-769-7849
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Click here for your fast, free Esurance cell phone insurance quote.

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