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What is rideshare insurance?

Simply put, rideshare insurance helps cover drivers who work for Uber or Lyft. There may be coverage gaps between your rideshare company's insurance and your personal car insurance. That's where ShareSmart® comes in.

Where is ShareSmart available?

Right now we're available in California, Illinois, and New Jersey. But! That number's a-growing. Fast. So do check back frequently … we might be in your state soon.

How ShareSmart works

Say you carry liability coverage, plus comprehensive and collision, for your personal auto policy. Great! You also drive for a rideshare company and have insurance through them — now you're covered when you have passengers in your car. Also great! But there are still coverage gaps between your personal car insurance and rideshare insurance company's policy. The ridesharing process is typically broken down into 3 periods:

  • Period 1: Your ridesharing app is on but no passenger requests have been accepted.
  • Period 2: A request comes in and you're en route to pick up the passenger.
  • Period 3: You're driving said passenger from point A to B.

In Period 1, when your rideshare app is on but you haven't accepted a ride, your personal auto policy stops covering you since your personal car is being used for business. But because you haven't picked up a passenger yet, your rideshare insurance doesn't kick in fully, either. Hence the gap.

ShareSmart covers that gap for all 3 rideshare periods, from start to finish.

Who's eligible for ShareSmart?

SmartShare's available to all rideshare drivers in California, Illinois, and New Jersey who qualify for an Esurance policy. If you're an Esurance customer, you can add the endorsement to your policy at renewal. Just note that, to add rideshare coverage you need comprehensive and collision as well. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call — 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262).

Do I have to pay 2 deductibles?

Nope! With ShareSmart, we cover the difference between your Esurance and rideshare company deductibles (you pay the lowest deductible, we pay the rest).

How Esurance ShareSmart is different:

Waiting for a ride request

Personal insurance

  • No coverage from personal policy
  • No collision coverage from Uber or Lyft
  • No comprehensive coverage from Uber or Lyft

Esurance ShareSmart

  • Collision coverage (if already included in personal policy)
  • Comprehensive coverage (if already included in personal policy)
  • Liability coverage up to your personal policy limits
  • Plus all your personal coverages carry over, including towing and labor, rental car coverage, etc.

Ride request accepted right arrow Dropoff

Personal insurance

  • No coverage from personal policy
  • Limited liability coverage from Uber or Lyft
  • Up to $2,500 deductible

Esurance ShareSmart

  • No gaps in coverage between personal policy and rideshare insurance policy
  • Pay the lowest comprehensive and collision deductible between your personal policy and your rideshare insurance policy
  • Plus, all your personal coverages including towing and labor (aka emergency roadside service), medical payment coverage, rental car reimbursement, etc.

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