fixing your car with the e-star® direct repair program from esurance

After a car accident, you face a tough question: How do you find the right repair shop when there are so many out there? We created the E-star network to help drivers find reputable, cutting-edge repair shops in their neck of the woods.

Comprising more than 1,400 reputable repair shops, the E-star network provides access to RepairView®, which offers online monitoring of your car's repair process. And — even better — your repairs will be guaranteed for as long as the car's yours (pretty neat, huh?).

how e-star works

After you file a car insurance claim, your dedicated claims rep can help you find a nearby E-star shop.

Once you officially decide to bring your car to an E-star facility, your Esurance claims adjustor will conduct a conference call between you and the shop to schedule a time for inspection.

Esurance RepairView®

By choosing an E-star facility, you get access to online repair monitoring through RepairView. It's easy to access (just enter your login info) and, voilà, you can take advantage of all these perks:

  • See daily photos of your repairs in progress
  • Follow the 10-step repair process in detail
  • Get repair status updates every step of the way
  • Contact the shop directly

Want to keep your social network in the loop, too? No problem. RepairView gives you the option to share your repair photos on Facebook (so your friends know exactly when you'll be rejoining the carpool).

what makes an e-star shop special?

When we look for E-star shops, we're looking for a commitment to top-quality repairs and customer service.

Esurance constantly monitors E-star shops to ensure they provide high-quality repairs and excellent customer service. Each shop in our network is a state-of-the-art facility that adheres to strict environmental/EPA standards.

And as a company that values what our customers have to say, we always take your feedback into account when evaluating E-star shops.

Where you can find E-star shops

Another thing that makes E-star special is the size of the network. We want to provide service to as many drivers as possible.

Try using the E-star shop finder to pinpoint a facility near you.

going with e-star after filing your claim

Here at Esurance, we want to make your claim process as easy and smooth as possible. While you can pick the repair facility of your choice, you also have the option of selecting an E-star facility to take advantage of the perks noted on this page. If you have any questions on E-star when you're filing your claim, ask your dedicated claims rep.

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