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what you get with RepairView

Our web-based claims tracking tool lets you see the progress of your repairs at home or on the move. Just log in here to access it or download Esurance mobile (our app) to:

  • View your repair status
  • See a daily photo of your car repairs
  • Share those pics quickly and easily
  • Contact the repair shop directly
  • Find out when your car will be ready

how RepairView works

If you have a claim, you can take your car to any shop for repairs. But, if you use an Esurance-approved (E-star®) shop, the repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle. Plus, all E-star shops are technologically equipped with RepairView.

It's our signature way of using technology to make claims faster and easier. And to give you peace of mind when your car's in the shop. Welcome to the modern world.