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What does travel insurance cover?

Business or leisure, traveling can be unpredictable. And when there's an unexpected hitch in the works, Travel Guard's there to help 24/7. They can cover:

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Lost or stolen luggage

From clothes to prescription meds, travel insurance helps cover essential items if your luggage ever goes missing.

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Ending a trip early

If a storm or family emergency cuts your trip short, travel coverage can help reimburse you.

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Delayed or cancelled flights

When a delayed or cancelled flight means missing a portion of a cruise, Travel Guard can help cover the missed portion of your trip.

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Lost passport

Passport-less and stranded abroad? A travel insurance plan can sync you up with services to replace your passport — and helps cover the related costs.

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What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance helps cover expenses caused by unforeseen events in your travel plans. If you miss a flight, coverage can help reimburse you for your plane ticket. If, say, you or a travel companion gets sick or injured, it could also help pay for emergency services.

That means help with finding medical facilities, interpreters, services to help you locate lost luggage, passports — and more. Many Travel Guard plans include 24/7 assistant services.

How much is travel insurance?

The price ultimately depends on your trip ... how much your trip costs and its length. For more info about travel plan prices, visit the Travel Guard website.

Get travel insurance. Enjoy the journey.

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