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It's simple: Esurance Fuelcaster tells you if gas prices are predicted to rise or fall tomorrow*. So you know if it's cheaper to fuel up now or wait. And here's the kicker ... it's totally free!

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Here's how Esurance Fuelcaster works

Fuelcaster uses data from gas stations and drivers across the country to estimate whether the price of gas will rise or fall tomorrow in your area. Basically, it's just our secret blend of digital herbs and mathematical spices that allow us to see when you could save money at the pump (thanks to our friends at GasBuddy).

Go ahead, give it a whirl! Or test your gas-smart savings with our quiz.

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Why you'll love Fuelcaster

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Find the cheapest

Tell us where you are and we'll tell you where to go for the cheapest gas.

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Find the closest

Sort by distance to find the nearest gas stations in your area. Great for road trips!

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Get directions

Easily navigate to the closest or cheapest gas station.

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