fuelcaster® — the gas price predictor

finding the best deal on gas just got easier

With Fuelcaster, you'll know whether gas prices are predicted to rise or fall and which gas stations currently have the lowest prices in your area.* And the best part? It's totally FREE!

Get a gas prediction
Fuelcaster tells you the best time to buy gas.

how to get gas price predictions

play fuelcaster video

To predict the future, go to fuelcaster.com and enter your ZIP. You'll then see a suggestion to buy or wait, along with the lowest price of gas in your neck of the woods.

If you see "buy," gas prices are expected to rise. If you see "wait," prices are forecasted to fall. It's a simple way to save.

You can access Fuelcaster on any device with an internet connection. So go ahead, give it a try. If you love it, bookmark it to get daily predictions at the push of a button.

more cool features from fuelcaster

Use Fuelcaster to make smart choices when filling your gas tank in more ways than one. In addition to using Fuelcaster to find the best prices on gas in your area, you can also:

Save up to 3 locations

Quickly see the price of gas in places you visit most.

Navigate to the gas station of your choice

Get directions using your preferred mapping app.

Share the forecast with your friends and family

Give everyone in your social network the same ability to save.

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