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At Esurance, we're committed to giving you smart choices (because that's what freedom's all about). From great discounts when you bundle your auto and home insurance* to licensed experts there when you need them, we're always looking for ways to innovate and improve the customer experience.

This year, we're very pleased to announce our newest innovation — Election Insurance. This unique (bipartisan) coverage will protect your home for the next four years if your preferred candidate loses the presidential election and you choose to leave the country.

Not sure if Election Insurance is right for you? Take a moment to consider the following:

  • Every four years, do you say to yourself, "If this election goes badly, I'm literally going to leave the country"?
  • And this year, do you mean it?

If you answered yes to either, you're in luck. Election Insurance from Esurance will be available starting April 1, 2016. Choose from standard, premium, or platinum protection options — all designed to give you peace of mind no matter what happens in November.

Now that's auto and home insurance for the modern world.

for the people, by the people

Chester, Kansas City

Chester, Kansas City

"I feel like it's my patriotic duty to leave this country and only return when we're back on top."

Richard, Charlottesville

Richard, Charlottesville

"This is the fifth election I've threatened to leave the country, but with Election Insurance, I finally have the confidence to go through with it."

Hope, Los Angeles

Hope, Los Angeles

"I don't see moving to Canada as abandoning America. It's just north of America. It's North America … Whoa."


*Not available in all states.

Election insurance not available in any states. If you choose to leave the country, Esurance is not liable for any walls erected after your departure, and assumes no legal or financial responsibility if your assets are redistributed for the greater good in your absence.

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