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No one wants to imagine the unimaginable. Especially when it comes to your home and personal belongings. But if something does happen, we're here to help pick up the pieces and get your life back on track … ASAP. Because having to make a claim's hard enough — and we're here to help make it as painless as possible.

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Claims FAQs

Having all the right info handy when making a claim can help it along that much faster. Here are some documents that are super helpful to have:

  • A list of everything that was damaged, lost, or stolen — and their value
  • Receipts for the damaged, lost, or stolen items, if possible
  • Policy and/or medical reports, if available

If you think you might be at fault, we suggest you don't admit it. Just cooperate with police and let them make the assessment. This may be important later on.

It depends on the claim. A simple property damage claim could be settled in weeks. More complicated claims may take longer. Especially if it's a liability claim and lawsuits are involved — these'd involve several estimates.

What we can say is, the more info you're able to provide, the faster and easier it is. To make sure all of your stuff is accounted for, we recommend using a DIY home inventory before you ever have to make a claim.

Not necessarily. If it's your first claim, say, it could be waived. It also depends on the type of claim. A person who falls asleep with a lit cigarette causing a fire might be a red flag. Same with owning a dog with a history of biting.

But remember: your policy's here to help. If something happens, it can help quickly get you back on your feet after a major incident.

Your claims adjuster will reach out. They'll set up a plan with you to get your claim resolved, depending on the details of the incident. Adjusters will also provide guidance and answer any questions you have. And of course, our agents are there 24/7 if you have any concerns.

What our customers are saying

Home insurance. It's one of those things you don't think about until you're about to close on a house. Hey, fair enough. But after a snafu, you'll be happy you have it. Here's what our customers had to say:

We had 28 thousand dollars damage to our home and an adjustor came promptly to evaluate the damage. We were very satisfied with all of the help we received from [Esurance] to get repairs done completely and [promptly]. Efficient and professional service.

– Suzanne N.

Anything from customer service for policy questions or processing claims is always fast and easy.

– Christy D.

Thanks to Esurance for making our accident claim such a smooth process. The Esurance reps walked us step by step.

– Edith P.

Find out how surprisingly painless home insurance can be

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