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Express Lane saves you time and hassle

Express Lane finds info on your cars and previous insurance for you.

That's right: no need to dig up your VIN or try to remember the deductible on your comprehensive coverage. Seeing how much you could save on car insurance with Esurance is now faster, easier, and more convenient than ever.

And if you don't want to have us look up your info — no problem! You can choose whether or not to take the Express Lane.

Esurance is built to save

We're always looking for ways to make car insurance a little bit easier and a lot less stressful. And Express Lane is just one more example of how we're built to save you (a whole lot) more than money.

But if you're interested in saving money, we can help with that too. After all, we were born online, raised by technology, and built to save you money on car insurance.

Saving time, hassle, and money. Now that's insurance for the modern world.™