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about recycled rides

Typically when cars are deemed a total loss, they're sent to salvage yards where they're stripped down to parts and used to help mend other cars on the road. However, thanks to Recycled Rides, a lucky few are given the opportunity to impact people's lives. With the help of partners like Esurance, these cars are restored to safe, working order and donated to families and individuals in need.

For the recipients, these cars mean more than just transportation from point A to B — they mean independence. The restored vehicles help improve the lives of their new owners by making tasks like commuting to work, buying groceries, or visiting the doctor much easier. And they help open the door to new opportunities and better jobs. In short, these cars change lives.

esurance and recycled rides

A gifting ceremony sees the car handed over

Esurance first teamed up with Recycled Rides in 2009. Since then, we've donated 42 cars to the program. The recipients of these cars include U.S. Army and Navy servicepeople and veterans, families, and students striving to complete their studies.

We've had the pleasure of partnering with a wide variety of great body shops over the years, from large organizations like Caliber Collision to small, local companies like Johnny Mock's Auto Body Shop in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania.

the recycled rides process

Finding the right car to restore is no easy task. There are many limits to the type and extent of damage a car can have while still being considered "restorable." We work closely with body shops across the nation to vet the cars in our salvage inventory and determine which ones fit the bill.

Once a car's been selected, it's given to a partnering body shop for restoration. The repair work requires countless hours of labor (all donated) and careful attention to detail. As the car approaches completion, the shop reaches out to a local charitable organization to help find the right recipient for the car.

Finally, after all that hard work, the best part begins. Together, the parties responsible for the restoration help plan a gifting ceremony, where the keys to the like-new ride (along with other related gifts) are given to the new owner(s). Esurance is very proud to take part in this wonderful, life-changing program.

Learn more about the Recycled Rides program and see how you can contribute.