paperless customer experience

Think about the number of documents you receive from your car insurance company over the course of a policy term: your welcome packet, requests for information, bills, and renewal notices (just to name a few). Then, multiply that by millions of drivers. If we were a traditional insurance company, all those documents would arrive by mail. But Esurance was born online. And we've worked to make our customer experience virtually paper-free (because, as you know, paper comes from trees).

To do this, we make policy documents available to our policyholders online, store documents electronically, and email our customers whenever possible. It all adds up — meaning more trees stay in the forest where they belong.

hybrid claims vehicles

We first integrated hybrid vehicles into our claims fleet back in 2006 with the Ford Escape. Today, we boast a claims fleet that's 100 percent hybrid, which has helped us greatly reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

And while this is well and good, we're always looking for ways to do better. In 2013, we unveiled our new Ford Fusion claims vehicles. The car was named the 2013 Green Car of the Year by the Green Car Journal and gets about 35 mpg. Based on the average number of miles our appraisers drive each year, we expect to save 69,000 gallons of fuel by 2017!

recycled rides

Recycled Rides is a community awareness project that donates "recycled" vehicles to families and service organizations in need. The program recruits auto body shops, insurers, paint suppliers, and parts vendors to contribute their talents.

Since 2008, we've helped donate more than 40 vehicles to deserving members of local communities across the U.S. One highlight includes donating a recycled ride to a veteran and single mother of 3 battling breast and pancreatic cancer.

around the office

Being green's also a way of life around the Esurance offices. From the SpudWare® (biodegradable cutlery made from starch and vegetable oil) in our kitchens to the motion sensors on our lights (to eliminate well-lit, but empty conference rooms), we're attempting to keep our physical footprint as small as we can. Even the little touches, like defaulting to double-sided printing and making recycling containers easily accessible, add up to less waste.

partnerships and events

Our commitment to the planet extends well beyond our office doors. We've worked with our partners to plant trees, promote carpooling, reward people for taking public transportation, implement recycling, introduce composting, and more. And it adds up! Over the years, we've helped plant more than 100,000 trees and save 326,920 driving miles (equaling 13.13 trips around the world).

If you'd like to inquire about a sponsorship, brand integration, partnership, or cause marketing opportunity, please email us at sponsorships@esurance.com.