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car insurance and more

Esurance began selling online car insurance policies in 1999. Drivers caught on fast, and our convenient, reliable car insurance coverage is now available in 43 states.

As our company grew, we decided to branch out beyond car insurance to include the following insurance products:

Educating customers on insurance

Still, we're about more than just selling insurance policies. At Esurance, we pride ourselves on being a company that supports both the consumer and the environment.

While our customers can manage their policies online at their convenience, they can also call our 24/7 customer service center with questions about their insurance policies. Also, we think consumer education is an important corporate responsibility, particularly in the confusing world of insurance.

To keep our customers informed, we answer frequently asked insurance questions and provide a glossary of insurance-related terms. We also offer the interactive Coverage Counselor® and in-depth articles on car insurance. Our goal is to explain insurance in plain English and highlight important topics related to cars and drivers.

For current info on all things driver-related, visit the Esurance blog.

Keeping it green

As for supporting the environment, Esurance maintains a claims vehicle fleet that is 100 percent hybrid. And by choosing a paperless customer experience, our policyholders have helped save thousands upon thousands of trees.

Whether offering affordable car insurance or championing the environment, Esurance truly believes in saving some green!

Get a car insurance quote today to see how much you can save on your car insurance.