boat insurance claims

Even when the waters get choppy, we're here to make resolving boat accidents smooth. Here's how to reach help if you need to file a boat or PWC claim.

boat insurance claims contact info

For policies underwritten by Progressive

Phone: 1-800-876-5581 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

how to file a PWC or boat claim

To get an accurate picture of the accident or mishap (and the best settlement possible), your insurer needs as much information as you can provide. Try to gather the following details to help ease the claims process:

  • Number of people involved
  • Names, phone numbers, and addresses of everyone involved
  • Others' insurance info (names of insurance company, policy numbers, contact info)
  • Descriptions of all watercraft involved (year, make, model)
  • License/registration numbers of all watercraft involved
  • Photos of any damage
  • Witness contact info

After you file your boat insurance claim or PWC claim, you'll be assigned a claims rep who will schedule an inspection of your watercraft's damage (if needed), and get you started toward a settlement.

on-water towing and emergency assistance

Remember, nothing helps get your boat claim process off to a hassle-free start like knowing you have dedicated service no matter where you need it.

By adding coverage for on-water towing and other emergency labor (like fuel delivery) to your boat insurance policy, you can rest easy knowing you have help if you're ever stranded on the water.

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