What If® Calculator

discover how tickets, accidents, moving, or changing vehicles could alter your car insurance premium

Drivers used to be in the dark when it came to some of the major factors that can affect car insurance rates. Well, not anymore. The What If Calculator — available only to Esurance customers — can help you make smarter decisions about your car insurance.

We want our policyholders to have every advantage possible, and the What If Calculator represents just one more way we're making insurance modern and easy.

Goodbye questions, hello answers

  • "Will my premium change if I have a minor car accident?"
  • "I'm swapping my old clunker for a brand new vehicle — will this save me money on my car insurance rates?"
  • "Will a speeding ticket raise my auto insurance?"
  • "How will changing my address affect my premium?"

Most drivers have felt the frustration of asking these sorts of questions … and being left without any answers.

Well those days are over. Our cutting-edge online tool, the What If Calculator, offers a response to those "what ifs" you've always wondered about.

How the What If Calculator works

To access the What If Calculator, log in to your Esurance account and click on the "Policy Info" tab.

Simply answer a question or two, hit the "Calculate" button, and sit back and watch the magic.

The What If Calculator uses real policy information to generate a personalized 6-month car insurance quote that could result from you changing ZIP codes, getting a speeding ticket, having a fender bender, or changing the vehicles on your policy.

Remember, you can ask all the hypothetical questions you want — using the What If Calculator won't affect your actual premium or policy.

Less "What if?" more "What next?"

When you know how a particular driving citation or accident will impact your car insurance rates, you can become that much more confident and responsible as a driver.

You can also make smart choices off the road. Say you're adding a new car to your garage — by learning which rides have the friendliest impact on your premium, you can find the perfect balance between what saves you money and what makes your heart go boom (that is, vroom).

Log in to your policy to try it for yourself, and start doing less worrying and more driving.

Not an Esurance customer yet? No problem — get a quote and see how much you can save.

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