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Esurance partners with eSecuritel to provide access to easy, affordable cell phone insurance. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and more than 2 million subscribers, eSecuritel can take the worry out of owning a phone at a price that doesn't put a dent in your wallet.


What's covered

Cell phone insurance from eSecuritel is available for most phones, regardless of when they were purchased.* That's a bonus because most programs offer insurance only at the time of purchase.

A policy provides coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged phones, including those damaged by water. In addition, the policy provides coverage for mechanical and electrical failure after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.**

If you ever have to file a claim, once it's approved, you can expect your replacement phone in about 2 days. There's an option to expedite shipping, too, in case you can't wait that long.


Cell phone insurance 101

As our phones get more sophisticated, they get more expensive to replace. Smartphones in particular can be pricier, with full retail costs easily exceeding $400.

When your phone breaks, gets stolen, or is damaged (and the original warranty is expired), many wireless carriers charge the full retail cost for replacement. That's where affordable, reliable phone insurance through Esurance can help.


**Please note that this page provides a summary of common policy features. It is not an insurance contract. To learn what coverages are provided under your insurance policy, as well as any terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions applicable thereto, please refer to your insurance policy documents.

eSecuritel cell phone insurance is administered by eSecuritel Holdings, LLC, and provided by a third-party insurer. The above BBB rating is accurate as of May 5, 2014, and may be changed, superseded or withdrawn by the rating agency at any time. Esurance does not provide customer service, underwrite, or pay claims for this product.

*A waiting period may apply prior to a new policy going into effect. Please refer to your policy documents for details.