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how violations affect car insurance rates

When it comes to determining your car insurance rate, your driving history plays a big role. Maintaining a clean driving record is a great way to keep your rate low. On the flip side, various moving violations (from minor speeding tickets to DUIs) can impact your driving record — and as a result, your policy's premium. In these pages, you'll find out how certain infractions can have a lasting impact.

Moving violations

Moving violation FAQs

All your questions about moving violations answered in one convenient place.

Moving violations part 1: serious infractions

Learn more about the violations that have the biggest impact on your driving record.

Moving violations part 2: texting and driving, improper passing, and other moderately serious infractions

See how moderately serious moving violations can affect your driving record and lead to higher car insurance rates.

Moving violations part 3: failure to stop, littering, and other minor infractions

These minor no-no's can still negatively affect your car insurance rate.

Moving violations and safety for teen drivers FAQs

Find out how new technology and licensing laws are helping teen drivers stay safe.

Speeding tickets and car insurance rates

Discover why hitting the brakes can be a good thing for your safety and your car insurance rates.

Driving under the influence

How a DUI affects car insurance premiums

In an insurer's eyes, a DUI conviction signals high risk, which translates to higher car insurance rates. Find out why.

The true cost of a DUI

Do you know how much a DUI conviction could actually cost? Brace yourself (and your wallet) for the answer.

SR-22 and FR-44 forms

We explain these forms that your insurer can file on your behalf.

Drugged driving laws

Driving on drugs is, of course, illegal, but it's a difficult crime to detect. We give an overview of the complexity of DUID laws.

Driving on drugs: stats and facts

Impaired driving can be caused by more than alcohol. Learn how even common prescription drugs and illicit substances can affect judgment and driving.

Driving uninsured and unlicensed

Driving uninsured

Driving uninsured is risky in more ways than one. We explain why.

Driving without a license: a legal and financial overview

Find out how some drivers lose their driving privileges and what happens if an unlicensed driver is caught behind the wheel.