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your ultimate homeowners survival guide

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From shopping for mortgage rates to navigating exciting new home technologies, homeownership isn’t always easy (even if it is super rewarding). Whether you’ve been around the block or this is your first home, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to make it all a little easier.

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The Esurance guide to buying a new home

Between knowing your credit score and closing the deal, there's a lot of steps to buying a home. Here's how to check off your list with minimal hassle. More > the esurance guide to buying a new home

image of an old but nice house

Golden age: 5 benefits of buying an older home

Older homes have a wealth of benefits, from their unique designs all the way down to their investment potential. Read on to learn them all. More > benefits of buying an older home

a buyer picks up the house key from a realtor

Buying homeowners insurance before closing

Figuring out home insurance before closing the deal on a new house seems confusing. Here's what you need to know about requirements, the amount of coverage you'll need, and the advantages of paying up front at closing. More > buying homeowners insurance before closing

a key chain with two keys

Rent or buy: 5 questions to ask yourself

To rent or to buy: that is the question. Knowing your budget, credit score, and life trajectory will help you answer that question with confidence. Learn how to make a smart decision on your next living situation. More > rent or buy: 5 questions to ask yourself

signing a housing contract

First-time homebuyer's guide: Shopping for mortgage rates

Getting the best mortgage rate doesn't have to be a labyrinthine journey. By researching your options the smart way and remembering to breathe (along with these other simple steps), you could save money and hassle. More > shopping for mortgage rates

a house with a foreclosure board in the lawn

Understanding foreclosure: Tips for potential buyers

If you're considering a foreclosed home, start by getting it inspected, determining the costs, and developing patience. Here's how to make the process smoother. More > tips for potential buyers

A young man checking the outside of a house

10 things to look for when buying a house

No one likes nasty surprises like structural damage after buying their dream home. Temperature, plumbing, and environmental factors are 3 of these 10 things you need to be on the lookout for. More > 10 things to look for when buying a house

image of a tree with tiny yellow flowers

5 trees to avoid planting in your yard

Did you know that willow, cottonwood, and even elm trees are hazardous to your yard and home? Get rid of these 5 species to avoid inviting insects to your neighborhood and damage to your foundation. More > 5 trees to avoid planting in your yard

a mosquito biting a human hand

Insure yourself against these 5 lazy, hazy, crazy summer mishaps

Summer = sunburns, scorching hot dashboards, bug bites, BBQ fails, and broken air conditioning, right? Not if you follow these 5 smart tips. More > the 5 smart tips for summer

a garden gnome

5 surprising things covered by homeowners insurance

Spoiled food, garden gnomes, and medical bills could all be covered by your insurance. Read on for the full list of surprising coverages you don't want to miss out on (just in case). More > 5 surprising things covered by homeowners insurance

a big yellow multi-stories house

Are you making this huge homeowners insurance mistake?

Are you insuring your home at market value? Here's how to turn that around and figure out how much coverage you really need. More > how much coverage you really need?

a puppy sitting in front of a house

Animal house: How pets affect homeowners insurance

Whether you have the most adorable dog or the world's sweetest pet lion, you'll want to check how they affect your policy. From breed to staying claims-free, here's your guide to avoiding spikes in your premium. More > animal house: how pets affect homeowners insurance

carton boxes

How to pack for a move

Getting there is half the fun — or at least, doesn't need to be a pain. Here's your guide to strategic packing to save headaches when you get to your new home. More > how to pack for a move

a hand taking picture of furniture

Got stuff? Time to take inventory

We hope that a fire, burglary, or other calamity never befalls you. But if disaster does happen, a good home inventory will help you settle your claim, replace your stuff, and get back on your feet. More > how to create a home inventory

installing a smoke alarm

Home fire safety: Get alarmed

Your old faithful smoke detector might not be so faithful anymore. Get the smart, modern scoop on how to prevent fires (and maybe save money on your homeowners insurance while you're at it). More > home fire safety get alarmed

a swimming pool

What is an attractive nuisance?

No, we don't mean designer stiletto heels: attractive nuisances are fun or pretty features you (and your kids) might enjoy, but come with a lot of liability. Learn about these two-sided coins and how to mitigate risk. More > what is an attractive nuisance

a check list

Your DIY home inspection checklist

They say you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but when it comes to buying a house, you'd best examine every nook and cranny first. Learn how to do your own home inspection (for extra credit, get our DIY app!). More > your diy home inspection checklist

checking information on a laptop

Understanding your homeowners insurance policy

Buying a house means a lot of paperwork — homeowners insurance included. But understanding your policy doesn't have to be difficult. We've broken it down for you so you can focus on feathering your new nest. More > understanding your homeowners insurance policy

a man cleaning up a roof drain

7 home maintenance tasks to save you money

Invest a little time in your home and you could save a lot of money. These 7 wallet-saving tasks are good candidates for your next DIY binge. More > 7 home maintenance tasks to save you money

a moldy wall

Protecting your home from mold

Mold isn't just gross — if it gets a foothold in your home, it can wreak havoc on everything from your carpet to your health. Learn how to prevent mold and, if you do spot it, how to nip it in the bud. More > protecting your home from mold

a rooftop

Roof maintenance tips for homeowners

Raise the roof — or at least, inspect it — on the regular. Armed with these tips, you'll know what key features and issues to check your roof for, and how to protect it (so it keeps protecting you). More > roof maintenance tips

baby foot

Things to consider when renewing homeowners insurance

When your annual homeowners insurance renewal notice comes in, don't just hit the refresh button for next year. Use these tips to figure out whether you need to brush up a thing or two before renewing your policy. More > things to consider when renewing homeowners insurance

a man cleaning a window

Window-washing hacks: 7 smart ways to get sparkling panes

Your home may have a million dollar view, but if you're staring through grimy windows, it might as well be an Impressionist painting. These 7 tricks will get those panes so clean you'll forget the windows are there. More > 7 smart ways to get sparkling panes

picture of a house in Fall

Preparing your home for winter: 8 fall maintenance hacks for cold-weather comfort

Don't let the cold take you by surprise. Make sure your home stays snug and cozy all winter long by checking off these 8 simple steps before the weather takes a turn. More > 8 fall maintenance hacks for cold weather comfort

picture of a clean house

Leaks, gutters, termites: 5 ways to avoid homeowner disasters

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take care of these 5 home maintenance basics to make sure your house stays in top shape — and save giant headaches later. More > 5 ways to avoid homeowner disasters

a rooftop full of fall leaves

Fall home maintenance tricks you'd be crazy not to try

Ah, fall! Changing leaves, soft scarves, and… home maintenance chores? Don't let it bum you out — learn how to prep your home for wind and weather as the season starts to cool down. More > fall home maintenance tricks

a couple with home maintenance tools

How to become a home maintenance maven

A recent survey found that 52% of homeowners have needed to call a pro to fix a botched DIY project. Yikes! Time to catch up on the facts (and learn to avoid your own DIY maintenance disasters). More > how to become a home maintenance maven

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