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safety tips for drivers

Car insurance companies (like us) spend a lot of time considering car accidents and what can be done to prevent them. Our general conclusion? Safe-driving knowledge is safe-driving power. These safety pages are packed with tips to help you avoid or better handle the infinite driving scenarios you might encounter.

Safety tips for your car

Car size and crash safety

Find out how the size of your car matters when you crash into another vehicle.

Seat belt safety and state laws

Find out where and why seat belt safety is enforced and how a seat belt violation could lead to increased car insurance premiums.

Air bag safety tips

Advances in air bag technology are helping to save more lives than ever. We'll show you how to get the most from this essential safety feature.

Car safety defects and recalls

Car safety defects and recalls are inconvenient, but taking care of them is a must. We'll explain the recall process, including how you can get one started yourself.

Know when your brakes are failing

Certain symptoms can help you detect a problem with your brakes. We'll explain how your brakes should work and what warning signs to look out for.

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Guides for drivers

The perfect emergency road kit

Every driver needs a rock-solid emergency road kit. Find out how to create yours.

Your guide to child safety seats

There's nothing more important than the safety of your child. We'll take a look at different types of car safety seats, age and weight restrictions, child restraint laws, and more.

What to do when your car breaks down

Find out how to safely handle a car breakdown in 8 easy steps.

Your guide to animal-related accidents

Find all the info you need about animal-related car accidents — including info about various state laws, if and how your insurance covers hitting an animal, and how to file a claim.

Crash tests and how they affect car insurance rates

We'll guide you through the modern-day crash test, revealing the components that help determine not only your car's safety, but what it'll cost to insure.

How to handle a blown tire

Blown tires create instant driving emergencies. Find out how to handle one and why they happen.

When your brakes fail

Having your brakes fail can be unnerving. Find out how to reduce your chance for brake failure and what to do if this ever happens to you.

How to avoid and defuse road-raging drivers

Channel your driving Zen and learn how to defuse potentially dangerous on-the-road encounters with aggressive drivers.

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Safety tips for drivers

Triple threat: the 3 types of distracted driving

Learn the 3 types and get 5 tips on avoiding common driving distractions.

Texting and driving

Find out how laws against texting while driving are enforced in your state and learn just how dangerous it is.

How road rage can affect car insurance rates

Find out how a reckless moment can have a lasting impact on your driving record and your car insurance premium. And read a few new tricks to help you avoid acting on a quick impulse.

Drowsy driving and its effects on your car insurance

Few things sound less threatening than falling asleep — except when it's behind the wheel. Find out how a deficit in sleep can lead to surplus risk of car accidents and an increase in car insurance premiums.

Night driving

Here we delve into the reasons night driving is dangerous and offer some enlightening tips on staying safe until morning.

Driving with pets

Driving with pets is distracting, and pets never seem to have their own liability coverage. Find out how to prevent a Fido-related accident that you could be liable for.

Slow ride: the dangers of driving at low speeds

"Speed kills." That's what almost every young driver hears before first taking the wheel. But the fact is a light foot can be just as troublesome as a lead one. We'll illustrate why slow driving isn't always the same as safe driving.

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