2019 Esurance Report: Consumer Insurance Aches & Pains

Recently, we've been talking a lot to customers and people shopping for insurance. Here's what we've heard loud and clear: No one likes dealing with insurance. It can feel complex, confusing, and expensive. In other words, a real pain.

So at Esurance, we're on a mission to make insurance surprisingly painless. We've enlisted the help of those who actually use insurance: consumers. We surveyed 2,000 insurance owners about their experiences — from buying insurance to using it — to get the inside scoop on how dealing with insurance REALLY makes them feel. The result? Our 2019 Esurance Report: Consumer Insurance Aches & Pains.

This study actually measures the pain points for insurance customers. Can you guess what percentage of respondents would rather slam their hand in a car door than deal with insurance? It's shocking, to say the least. And you might be surprised to learn how many consumers would rather have a cocktail than a calculator while shopping for insurance.

The point is, understanding these pains can help us tackle them. And tackle them we will. Head on. We'll keep working to make insurance surprisingly painless by making it simple, transparent, and affordable.

What we learned

Insurance can be a painful experience

We know shopping for insurance isn't always an enjoyable experience, but the pain is real for some.


One in five (20%) consumers who recently purchased insurance say they'd rather slam their hand in a car door than shop for car insurance.

pain report smash hand

Consumers would rather do a lot of things other than shop for insurance

There's a clear need to simplify the process so consumers don't get stuck, frustrated, or just do something else instead.


More than three in four insurance owners have multitasked while dealing with insurance companies, including:

multitasking multitasking

Some want a stiff drink to make insurance shopping more bearable

Clearly, there's an opportunity to simplify the process if some consumers feel like they need a cocktail just to deal with insurance.


One in three shoppers of drinking age would rather have a cocktail than a calculator when shopping for insurance.

drinks calculator

Insurance terms are confusing and can even be mistaken for sports jargon

Coverage terms are confusing, and people don't always understand what they're buying since policies can sometimes feel like reading gobbledygook. This not only leads to pain and confusion, but also the possibility of getting the wrong coverage, which creates even bigger pains down the road.


When quizzed, 97% of respondents failed to correctly separate at least one sports term from insurance terms, with more than four in five (81%) misidentifying more than one.


Insurance is just so hard to understand

There's an opportunity to simplify, so consumers can find all the answers they need in one place while getting their quotes or shopping online with Esurance.


Nearly 30% of Millennials would ask three or more people for help understanding their insurance.


Insurance doesn't always feel very affordable to consumers

Insurance is so essential that some coverages are required by law, yet many don't feel it's valuable. They want to pay less for their coverage.


Thirty-seven percent said they weren't satisfied with their current insurance rate.


Insurance consumers worry about not being protected

Insurance is designed to be there when you need it most. But many consumers are concerned they won't have enough or the right protection after an accident.


Seventy-seven percent of consumers said not having the coverage they need after an accident would be more terrifying than accidentally sending a snarky text to a person they were talking about.


What we're doing about it

protect your car with auto insurance | hand wiping window with yellow cloth

Jonathan Adkisson, President of Esurance*

"At Esurance, we're committed to making insurance surprisingly painless for everyone, and that starts with understanding where the pain lies," said Esurance President Jonathan Adkisson. "Slamming your hand in a car door is pretty extreme, and undeniably painful. No one should ever prefer that experience to shopping for insurance, which should be easy, efficient, and ultimately leave you feeling confident you and your family are properly protected. Our team is constantly working to address the most unsatisfying parts of insurance, so pain is never something that comes to mind during the process."

protect your car with auto insurance | hand wiping window with yellow cloth

Nancy Abraham, Vice President of Integrated Marketing Communications for Esurance*

"We know there are a lot of pains when it comes to dealing with insurance, and one of the reasons we launched our surprisingly painless campaign last year is to show consumers that we understand what they're dealing with and we're committed to making the experience better. Part of that commitment means always checking in with insurance customers on where they're struggling. For example, this study confirmed that consumers have a hard time understanding insurance terms. So, we're cutting out the jargon and updating all of our terms to make them easy to understand. We even offer a tool called Coverage Counselor, which helps people figure out what coverage may be right for them, in words that make sense. This is a journey and we won't stop until people truly feel like their entire insurance experience, from buying to owning to using, is surprisingly painless."

protect your car with auto insurance | hand wiping window with yellow cloth

Dennis Quaid, Highly Likeable Spokesperson for Esurance

"Let's face it. There's a great deal of guesswork and uncertainty when it comes to insurance. I'll be the first to admit, I'm no expert. And if we're really being honest, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who would mix up insurance jargon with sports terms when quizzed! For those of us who aren't insurance pros, take comfort in knowing you can rely on Esurance to make one of life's necessities a surprisingly painless experience."

*Please reach out to esurance@havasformula.com for interview requests and inquiries.

Our methodology

The report was fielded by asking respondents a variety of questions to learn more about insurance customers' experiences with insurance and the emotions they evoke. Data for the 2019 Esurance Report: Consumer Insurance Aches & Pains was obtained through an online survey conducted by Wakefield Research between July 10, 2019 and July 22, 2019 of 2,000 U.S. adults who have purchased property and casualty insurance in the past five years. Property and casualty insurance was defined as:

  • Automotive/motor insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Powersports insurance
  • Business owner's insurance
  • Worker's compensation insurance

The margin of error for this study calculated at the 95% confidence level is +/- 2.2 percentage points.