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The most stolen vehicles in the country
The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that a car is stolen every 44.1 seconds in the United States. But which cars do thieves prefer — the latest and greatest, high-end models or the sedate sedans?

If you guessed the latter, you'd be correct. The annual report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) shows that older, humbler models once again dominate the list of most stolen rides in 2012.
  1. 1996 Honda Accord
  2. 1998 Honda Civic
  3. 2006 Ford Pickup full-size
  4. 1999 Chevrolet Pickup full-size
  5. 1991 Toyota Camry
  6. 2000 Dodge Caravan
  7. 2004 Dodge Pickup full-size
  8. 1994 Acura Integra
  9. 1997 Nissan Altima
  10. 1996 Nissan Maxima
Thieves tend to gravitate toward earlier models, primarily because they lack advanced anti-theft technology. Older cars are also more attractive because their parts are in high demand. In fact, year after year, older Accords and Civics continue to take the top 2 spots on the NICB's ranking of most stolen vehicles.
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How to file a theft claim
Hopefully you never have to deal with the hassle of having your car stolen. But if you do, having comprehensive coverage on your Esurance policy can help.

And when it comes to filing a claim, you have options. After you get the police report, simply
file your claim online or by calling us at 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262).
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Does car insurance cover things you keep in your vehicle?
If your ride is stolen, having comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy can help you replace your wheels. But your car insurance policy won't cover any valuables you may have had in your trunk or glove box.

A sound homeowners or renters insurance policy, on the other hand, is designed to protect your personal property anywhere in the world.* So whether your cell phone is stolen in Tanzania or your laptop's taken from your car just down the block, you can count on your homeowners or renters coverage.

But that's not all your property insurance can safeguard. On top of protecting your home from theft, fire, severe weather, and vandalism, it could also cover:
Personal liability
Medical payments
Additional living expenses
Want to benefit from great coverage? Get a free homeowners or renters insurance quote to see how much you could save.
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*Coverage for certain categories of property, like jewelry and electronics, may require that such items be specifically scheduled and subject to additional premium. Terms, limits, conditions, and exclusions apply.

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