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Now serving 31 states

When Esurance first launched in 4 states back in 1999, we were a fledgling company looking to revolutionize a traditional industry. And it's worked pretty well (if we do say so ourselves). After more than a decade in business, we've grown to serve 31 states ... and counting.

This month, we're proud to announce our arrival in Kansas! Drivers in America's heartland can now look to Esurance for reliable coverage, great discounts, and a bevy of useful tools that make car insurance easy, smart, and modern. Welcome, Kansans!

P.S. If you have friends and family in Kansas, don't forget to let them know we're there.

Help us donate $50K to support LGBTQ youth

Esurance has partnered with The Trevor Project — the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth — to sponsor their NTL movement.

In an increasingly digital world, texting or posting "NTL" signals to friends and family that we need to talk live. And we need someone to listen.

How you can help
Add your Facebook profile picture to our NTL photo mosaic. Your photo shows your friends that you've got their backs. For every photo added, Esurance will donate $10 to The Trevor Project (up to $50,000).

Join the movement

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The human side of insurance

Top 3 hidden perks of renters insurance

We all like to think we're minimalists. But if you've ever moved, you know that you have way
more stuff than you realize. Could you afford to replace all those belongings if they were
damaged or stolen? For most of us, the answer's no. So protect yourself from the unexpected
with reliable renters insurance.

Renters insurance doesn't just cover your stuff, it also provides a host of other perks. Here are
the top 3 things you might not know about renters insurance:

It helps pay for additional living expenses. If you have to temporarily move because of a covered incident, renters insurance can help pay for everything from the hotel room to toothpaste.
It protects you from liability. If a friend turns into a foe after an accident in your home, renters coverage can step in to mitigate the legal costs.
It helps with accident-related medical expenses. If a guest is injured at your place, a renters policy can cover medical bills.

So how much does all this coverage cost? A lot less than you think (often less than a dollar a day). Get a renters insurance quote and see how affordable it can be for you.
Renters insurance quote  

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