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Photo claims on Esurance mobile
Accidents, no matter how minor, can really put a ding in your day. But we can help. With the newest Esurance Mobile feature, you can snap a few pics, upload them for an appraisal, and get your money fast.

Speed up your claim with photo claims*
If you get into a car accident, you can begin your claim online, over the phone, or through our mobile app. Then, simply submit photos of the damage through our photo claims feature to get an appraisal.

Within one business day, your claims representative will contact you with an estimate for repairs. And we can quickly issue payment so you can get back on the road.

That's it. No waiting for an appraiser to come to you. Just a really fast and easy claims experience.

How to use photo claims
Once you've filed your claim, launch Esurance Mobile. Then:
Tap "accidents & claims"
Tap "see your claims info"
Tap "submit appraisal photos"
Take 8 photos
3 of the damage
4 of the whole vehicle
1 of the VIN
Tap "submit"
To take advantage of the photo claims feature, just make sure Esurance Mobile is up to date. If you don't have the app, you can download it for free.
Download Esurance Mobile

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When you skimp on sleep, the effects are obvious. You could be lethargic or moody, and you probably have a hard time concentrating.

Burn the candle at both ends regularly and the effects could be even more damaging. Studies have shown that if you don't get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep each night, you increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, and depression. And that's not to mention the impact of sleep deprivation on your driving.

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Keep a regular sleep schedule. Going to bed and waking at the same time every day helps regulate your internal clock. By training your body to expect sleep at a certain hour, you'll fall asleep easier and wake up more refreshed.
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Sweat. The National Sleep Foundation 2013 poll found that people who exercise fall asleep faster and sleep better than their more inactive counterparts. Adding just 10 minutes of walking per day can improve sleep quality.
Create your pillow-time paradise. Sleep best with black-out shades, Egyptian cotton sheets, and the sound of a babbling brook in the distance? Make it happen! Having a sleep environment that's right for you is key.
Getting sound sleep, however, is only one aspect of maintaining your health. Having the right health insurance is another. If you're looking for a health insurance policy to meet your needs, we can help. Get your free health insurance quote today.
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*Submitting photos for appraisal doesn't guarantee coverage or payment of a claim. Allstate products are not available through Esurance.

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