travel trailer insurance discounts

Travel trailer insurance can be one of the more affordable policies you purchase. But don't worry: that won't stop us from helping you save plenty of extra cash on your coverage anyway. Check out all the easy ways you could save big.

Cash-saving discounts help lower the cost of your coverage

how much does travel trailer insurance cost?

Your travel trailer insurance cost depends on several factors, such as your ZIP Code and driving history. The way you use your travel trailer makes a big impact, too. For instance, occasionally using a toy hauler requires less coverage than living in a camper full time.

ways to save on your travel trailer rates

We know having affordable coverage doesn't diminish your thirst for savings. That's why trailer insurance through one of our partners could reward you for doing the following.

Staying safe on the road

Your trailer may not have a motor, but it's attached to something that does. That's why being a good driver matters. And depending on your specific policy, when you or any motorists covered on your plan go without an accident or violation for an extended time period, you could get a discount.

Additionally, going without a claim throughout your whole policy term might result in savings when it's time to renew. (And you thought insurance documents could never bring a smile to your face!)

Managing your policy efficiently

Depending on your policy and state, you could be able to grab instant savings before you even hook up your trailer. By choosing to pay your premium in full when you buy your policy, you could qualify for a discount.

other ways to lower your travel trailer insurance rates

Besides paying your premium up front, there are a couple other policy management decisions that could lower your rates.

Increased deductibles: paying higher costs later for lower rates now

In many cases, customers can bring down their travel trailer insurance cost by raising their deductible. Keep in mind, agreeing to a larger deductible means that if you ever have a covered accident, you'd be responsible for a higher out-of-pocket payment before insurance would kick in.

Increased deductibles aren't for everyone, so think carefully about your own habits, finances, and appetite for risk before going this route. After all, a lower monthly premium now is nice, but you'd hate to be left vulnerable when you really need coverage down the road.

Canceling your coverage when not using your trailer

To save money, you might be thinking of purchasing coverage during active times and then canceling it during dormant ones — for instance, insuring your mounted camper during the spring and summer, but then dropping it once the weather gets cold and you aren't using it as much.

However, we wouldn't recommend this approach. Lapses in coverage can result in pricier policies down the road. Plus, if a storm damages your trailer while you're storing it or a burglar makes off with your valuables, you'd be left without protection and have to shoulder the costs on your own. In many cases, you can save more by simply keeping your policy year-round.

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