what does travel trailer insurance cover?

Whether hauling cargo, storing your valuables, or providing shelter, your travel trailer is up for almost any challenge. So it's only right to expect the same from your travel trailer insurance.

Coverage applies whether you vacation with or live in your trailer

types of travel trailer insurance

Imagine the high costs you could face if you cause an accident with your trailer and get sued or falling debris rips your trailer to shreds. With a policy through an Esurance partner, you can take comfort knowing that you're protected. Here are the options you have to protect your travel trailer.

Liability coverage

In case you're held responsible for an accident involving your trailer, liability coverage can help spare you from paying others' injury or property damage costs solely out of pocket.

Collision coverage

Collision helps repair any damage to your trailer if you cause an accident or collide with a stationary object while towing it.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive helps swap a stolen trailer for a new one or cover repairs on non-collision damage from things like falling debris, vandalism, and fire.

more travel trailer coverage options

With travel trailer insurance through Esurance, you can customize your policy with more than just the basics.

Whatever you're looking for — protection against uninsured motorists, coverage for your trailer's contents (cooking equipment, camping gear) or emergency aid in case you need a tow or simply lock yourself out while admiring a roadside vista (hey, it happens) — you can tailor a plan specifically suited to how you use your trailer.

When you start your free quote, you'll be able to view all the stellar coverages available where you live and begin bolstering your travel trailer policy (and peace of mind).

living in your trailer full time

One of the few times coverage is required is if you reside in your travel trailer full time (and don't have any other residences). In that case, your coverage needs are typically more akin to a homeowner's, than, say, just a motorist's.

Depending on your specific policy and situation, you could need things like increased liability or medical payments coverage, or be required to add a designated full-timer's package to your policy in order to adequately protect you, your family, and your trailer.

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