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At Esurance, we're always coming up with smart tools and technology for every aspect of car insurance and beyond. From speeding up the quoting process to predicting gas prices to personalizing discounts, this comprehensive menu is full of ways Esurance strives to save you time, hassle, and money.

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Coverage Counselor® car insurance calculator

With all the options car insurance policies offer, it can be hard to know what coverages you need and how to set your limits and deductibles.

That's why we created Coverage Counselor.

Based on the info you provide, Coverage Counselor can help you make smarter choices when choosing which level of coverages is right for you.

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Coverage Counselor

Express Lane® quoting

From quote to claim, Esurance is all about taking the hassle out of insurance. That's why we built Express Lane — a faster, easier way to get your car insurance quote.

With your permission, we'll pull DMV info to fill in part of your quote application, so you can kick back and enjoy your newly-insured life.

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DriveSense® discount program

You know you're one of a kind. So why should your insurance company treat you any differently?

Fueled by smart technology, DriveSense is a personalized discount program based solely on your driving. You could earn a 5 or 10 percent discount just for signing up and possibly more by being a safe driver.*

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Plus, to help you find the right coverage at the right price, Esurance makes it easy to compare quotes from several leading providers — without leaving our site!

That's insurance for the modern world®.

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Photo claims estimates

Claims can be a major bummer. But the photo claims feature on Esurance Mobile can help speed up the process so you're back on the road fast.

After you submit your claim, just upload photos of the damage for appraisal — no appointment required!

Your claims rep will contact you within one business day to provide an estimate for repairs or schedule an in-person appraisal if needed.

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Photo claims

RepairView® online repair monitoring

RepairView, our web-based claims-tracking tool, offers you an easy way to stay up to date on the status of your car's repairs.

With RepairView, you can see daily repair photos of your car, email your repair shop directly, and share your repair photos to Facebook.

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Esurance Mobile app

We've packed all the policy-management power you expect from our website into Esurance Mobile, our insurance app for Android™ and iPhone®.

Esurance Mobile makes it easy to access your ID card, review coverages, and manage payments. It can also help you find useful stuff (like your local repair shop) and fun stuff (like cupcakes!).

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Esurance Mobile app

Fuelcaster® gas price predictor

Our mission to help you make smarter choices doesn't just apply to insurance. With Fuelcaster, you can get help deciding whether to buy gas today or wait for cheaper prices tomorrow.

All you have to do is enter your ZIP Code to see a suggestion of whether to buy or wait, along with which gas stations currently have the lowest prices in your area.

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Esurance DriveSafe® teen driver safety program

With Esurance DriveSafe, you can help your teen become a safer driver — even when you aren't in the car.

Enroll in Esurance DriveSafe to get essential info about your teen's driving so you can coach them on specific habits and receive alerts if they're speeding, accelerating too quickly, driving past curfew, and more.

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Esurance DriveSafe