segway insurance discounts

Segway riding is all about stretching — your legs, your leisure time, even your hazy memory of proper hand-turn signals. So why not include stretching your dollar, too? With Segway insurance from Esurance, you can find tons of easy ways to save on your premium.

Nifty discounts could lead to lower Segway rates

discounts on segway insurance from esurance

Modern motorists deserve modern Segway insurance savings to boot. When you get your policy from Esurance or through our partner, you could qualify for the following discounts.

  • Homeowners discount

    If you own a home or condo, you could save major moolah on your Segway insurance.

  • Multi-Vehicle discount

    The more the merrier! You could get sweet savings just by insuring more than one Segway, bike, ATV, etc., on the same policy.

  • Multi-Policy discount

    You could rack up even more savings when you get car insurance with us in addition to your Segway policy.

  • Motorcycle Endorsement discount

    Own a motorcycle, too? You could save up to 10 percent just for having a motorcycle license or endorsement (an extension of your auto license that lets you ride motorcycles).

  • Paid-in-Full discount

    If you pay your premium in one fell swoop at the start of your policy term, we reward you with a Segway insurance discount.

  • Responsible Driver discount

    If you go at least 3 years without an accident or moving violation, you could nab serious savings on your premium.

  • Association discount

    If you've also got a motorcycle and belong to 1 of 20 preferred motorcyclist organizations, you could qualify for this simple way to save.

  • Switch & Save® discount

    If you've changed from another insurer to Esurance within the last month — or returned to Esurance within 6 months of leaving — you'll often pay less.

segway insurance loyalty rewards

Loyalty rewards aren't exactly the same as Segway discounts — they're perks aimed at saving big-time green for our true-blue customers.

By maintaining your policy for an extended period, you could qualify for these loyalty rewards:

Small accident forgiveness

If you cause a minor mishap on your Segway while you're insured with us, we won't increase your premium.

Large accident forgiveness

Longtime customers (we're talking 4-plus years) can even catch a break after major at-fault claims. If you and the riders on your policy have been claim-free for at least 3 years, your premium won't spike after your first big Segway mishap.

Optional equipment coverage

There's a wide range of Segway accessories out there — from handlebar bags and infokey protectors to LED lighting and riding apparel. With Esurance, we offer $3,000 in protection for your optional equipment when you choose comprehensive coverage or comprehensive and collision coverage. Additional amounts can also be purchased.

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