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RV insurance through an Esurance partner:

  • Provides fuller protection for your RV than auto insurance
  • Offers flexible coverage options tailored to your unique lifestyle
  • Comes with convenient discounts to help lower your premium
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The beauty of an RV is that it doubles as both a vehicle and a dwelling, a ride to enjoy and a place to relax. While this means RVs often provide twice the fun, they also have twice as much worth protecting. That's why finding the right RV insurance is so important. More [+]

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valuable protection for your RV

While you may be able to get basic liability coverage for your RV through an auto policy, that's often not enough to protect you and your savings. With all of its unique capabilities, amenities, and valuables, your home away from home needs more than just the bare bones.

Thankfully, an RV insurance policy through an Esurance partner can provide essential coverages that protect your unique vehicle in ways an auto policy typically won't, such as:

  • Liability insurance in case guests are injured in your RV in a covered accident
  • Insurance for personal property in your unit that's damaged in a covered incident
  • Coverage for emergency assistance (towing, getting locked out, etc.)
  • Collision and comprehensive

And that's just for starters. Find out what else RV insurance can cover.

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getting your RV insurance quote

It helps to have the following information handy before getting your quote:

  • Make, model, and condition of RV you wish to cover
  • Names of anyone you want covered
  • Information on current or most recent insurer
  • Details of your RV's safety devices (if any)
  • All the personal items you plan on carrying in the RV (this helps you get the most accurate settlement in case your valuables are stolen or damaged)

Even if you haven't yet purchased your RV, you can still grab your free quote. Still, since your RV insurance cost is partly determined by the age, make, and model of your ride, the more specific you can be, the more accurate a quote you tend to get.

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does my vehicle qualify for RV insurance?

A policy through an Esurance partner covers a spectrum of RVs as wide as your motor home's bumper. That said, depending on your specific policy and situation, there could be some characteristics and amenities that your unit can't be without.

For instance, RVs often must have all of the following permanently installed to qualify for a policy through an Esurance partner:

  • Cooking appliances
  • Bathroom
  • Refrigeration
  • Self-contained heating and/or air conditioning
  • Drinkable water supply
  • 110–125 volt electric system
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RV insurance contact info

Questions about an existing RV policy bought through an Esurance partner? If you need to get in touch about your coverage, visit our contact page.

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