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When you hear "Wisconsin," you probably think of peaceful suburbs, dairy-land farmhouses, or wooded cabins. Either way, living in this state often means owning a home rather than renting.

But these days, there are plenty of great reasons to rent in Wisconsin. Maybe you don't want the responsibility of fixing the heater during those cold months. Maybe you want to minimize financial risk and worry as you start out your career. Or maybe you want to live in the heart of the action in entertainment hubs like Milwaukee, Green Bay, or Madison.

Whatever your reasons, renting can be a smart and rewarding way to enjoy life in the Badger State. And the best way to enhance your renting experience is by protecting yourself and your belongings, starting with a Wisconsin renters quote from Esurance.

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do i need renters insurance in wisconsin?

While it's not a government requirement (as opposed to, say, car insurance), some landlords may ask that tenants purchase renters coverage before they sign a lease agreement.

Even if you don't legally need apartment renters insurance in Wisconsin, though, there are some key reasons why you'd hate to go without it.

  • Your landlord usually won't insure your stuff.
    If a fire damages your furniture or a burglar makes off with your valuables, it's typically up to you to have protection for them, not the landlord.
  • Landlords probably won't cover your liability.
    If you damaged someone else's property and they decided to sue, would you be able to cover the expenses yourself?
  • Accidents happen.
    If someone were accidentally injured in your place, who would be responsible for the medical bills?

Clearly, facing the unpredictable alone can be scary. With a Wisconsin rental insurance policy, though, you never have to.

esurance renters coverage in wisconsin

Esurance is proud to offer renters coverage to Sconies. No matter where you rent, you can enjoy our flexible coverage options and simple policy management for around $14 a month on average.*

By adding renters coverage to your auto insurance quote or existing auto policy from Esurance, you'll become eligible for the Renters Plus® discount on your car insurance.**

When you get a Wisconsin renters quote, you'll see how a standard renters policy covers:

Personal property protection

Covers your possessions from a variety of risks — inside your home or on the go.

Liability coverage

Helps cover your legal fees if you accidentally injure someone in or away from your home, or you unintentionally cause property damage to others' stuff or even your own place (say, with a cooking fire).

Medical payments

Covers injury costs (up to your limit) if guests get hurt in your home.

Additional living expenses

Helps pay for incremental living expenses such as shelter and food if a covered risk seriously damages your place.

How your premium is determined

While renters insurance is one of the most affordable coverages around, rates may vary in your state depending on several factors, including your ZIP Code, the amount of coverage you choose, and others.

why renters insurance in wisconsin makes sense

There's a few state-specific trends and risks that make renters coverage fit Wisconsin better than a wedge of cheese fits a head.

Mutts in Milwaukee: renters insurance and dogs

Milwaukee has been ranked in the past as one of the top 10 cities for dog owners in the U.S., thanks to affordable vet care and great off-leash areas like Granville Dog Park.

If you're one of the many who own a wagging-tailed buddy in this Wisconsin metropolis, it's important to consider your liability risk. If Fido ever bites someone, you could be left on the hook for expensive medical bills. Luckily, renters insurance can help keep your pup's actions from chomping at your savings.

Renters insurance for Wisconsin college students

From the University of Wisconsin in Madison to Marquette University (and just about everywhere in between), the Badger State is home to great colleges — and college students.

While you might not think college kids own a lot, you'd be surprised what that futon, laptop, and classic vinyl all add up to. If anything happens to your stuff, renters insurance helps repair or replace it, so you can keep your money for more important things (like one more badly needed load of laundry before the semester ends).

While some students may be covered by their parents' existing homeowners insurance, there are times when renters insurance for college can be a better option.

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