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virginia renters insurance

Virginia's rich history, dazzling terrain, and reasonable rental costs make the Old Dominion a joy to live in for city dwellers and nature lovers alike.

But although your landlord insures the structure of your unit, they're not legally obligated to cover your possessions, your liability, or your living expenses if certain disasters (like a kitchen fire) temporarily force you out of your apartment.

That's where renters insurance can help. Get a free quote today and see how simple it is to get coverage that gives you financial protection and peace of mind.

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– Mark S.

reliable protection from esurance

Whether you live in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, or anywhere in between, Esurance renters coverage is affordable, costing around $14 a month on average.* Plus, by adding renters coverage to your existing Esurance car insurance (or while you're getting a quote for a new policy), you'll even qualify for our Renters Plus® discount.**

what renters insurance covers in virginia

A standard renters policy in Virginia covers an assortment of things, including but not limited to:

Personal property

If your TV is stolen during a burglary or your living room sofa is wrecked by a covered risk, this coverage helps pay to repair or replace your belongings. In some cases, you're covered even if something is stolen or damaged away from home.

Medical payments

Say a friend slips on your floor and gets badly injured. Even if you're not liable for their injuries, renters coverage can help pay for their medical bills.

Additional living expenses

If a covered loss temporarily forces you out of your apartment, your coverage can help pay for incremental living expenses like meals and a hotel until it's safe for you to return to your place.

Personal liability

Sadly, there's always the chance you could be sued by someone you accidentally injured. Luckily, your legal expenses could be covered if an accident turns into a lawsuit.

why renters insurance is a smart buy for virginians

No one likes to dwell on the risks involved with renting, but incidents can occur more easily than you might imagine. Here are a couple of reasons why it's wise to get covered in Virginia.

Renters insurance for college kids

Virginia is a beautiful place to go to school, with dozens of top universities to choose from. But such a large student population comes with an increased risk to your everyday items. College is challenging enough without having to worry about having your textbooks, clothes, and electronic accessories stolen or damaged.

So instead of hiding your laptop and other valuables in an unplugged mini fridge, consider protecting your belongings with renters coverage that you can tailor to your situation.

Storm damage in the Old Dominion

Summers in particular tend to bring about some intense thunderstorms in Virginia. While your landlord's insurance should cover the structure of your apartment, what if a tornado or hailstorm destroys your belongings? Certain disasters like wind, fire, and other weather-related risks are covered under your renters policy.

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