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There's a lot to love about living in Utah, including the natural sweetness of the Beehive State. Whether it's solitude you seek or an adventure in one of the country's biggest backyards, Utah is a good place to call home.

If you're one of the 230,000 people renting apartments in the state, renters insurance in Utah helps cover the costs of the unexpected.

Renters coverage from Esurance begins at around $14 a month on average.* That means more savings for the good stuff — like fry sauce and pastrami burgers. By adding renters coverage to your Esurance car insurance policy, you'll qualify for the Renters Plus® discount on your auto insurance.**

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why do i need renters insurance in utah?

Though apartment renters insurance isn't required by law in Utah, it helps with the rental process — some landlords may ask that you get some coverage before they'll give you the keys.

Renters insurance is the most cost-effective way to protect yourself, your personal items, and your home. Landlords typically insure the structure of your place but won't pay for any damage done to your stuff.

what renters insurance covers

A standard policy for renters in Utah will offer protection for:

Personal property

If an armchair or other valuable in your living room is damaged by a covered risk, a rental policy can help repair or replace it. Likewise, if someone steals your backpack on a hike, it will help cover that too.

Personal liability

If an incident in or away from your place results in a lawsuit, renters insurance can help with legal costs.

Medical costs

If a friend breaks his ankle carrying something down the stairs in your apartment, this coverage could help with their health care bills.

Added living expenses

If a covered risk makes your home uninhabitable, a renters policy will help with incremental living costs (hotel, food, etc.) while repairs are made.

why coverage makes sense for you

Need more reasons why Utah renters insurance is a smart move?

Consider the climate

Weather in Utah is pretty moderate because of its dry climate and mountainous terrain. But the Beehive State does occasionally experience tornadoes, averaging a couple every year. They normally come in the summer months, when severe thunderstorms tend to frequent Utah. If your stuff gets damaged by a seasonal mood swing, it's up to you to pay for it, not your landlord.

Having apartment renters insurance in Utah can protect your items inside your home from a whole host of disasters — including fire, wind, and, yep, those summertime storms.

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