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Whether you like hiking Mount Hood, hanging out at the festivals and markets of Eugene, or devouring everything in sight at Portland's Voodoo Doughnut, Oregon has something for everyone.

No matter where you call home in the Beaver State, Oregon renters insurance will give you the security and peace of mind you need so you can fully enjoy all of this state's charms.

Renters insurance is key to protecting your personal belongings and liability. Most landlords are only required to insure the rental structure itself (including additions like cabinets and countertops), leaving it up to you to safeguard your valuables.

Great savings!! I should have done it much sooner!!

– Daniel P.

Great policy, inexpensive and extremely simple to set up, thanks esurance!

– Kenneth J.

I almost halved my insurance payments for the same coverage I was getting. I feel like I broke up with a mean girlfriend.

– Mark S.

renters coverages in oregon

A standard Oregon rental insurance policy covers things like:


If you accidentally cause a fire while cooking in your kitchen, and it spreads to a neighbor's house, this coverage can help cover the repair costs for the building. It also covers legal fees if a guest is injured at your place and decides to sue.

Additional living expenses

Say a pipe in your home bursts and you're forced to live elsewhere while repairs are made. This coverage can help pay for incremental living costs like a hotel and food so that you're not left holding the bill.

Medical payments

Renters insurance helps cover medical bills if visitors to your place suffer an accident.

Personal property

Say your laptop gets stolen after locking it in your car. Personal property coverage can help you repair and replace your stuff both at and away from home.

How much does Esurance renters coverage cost?

For about $14 a month on average, you can have protection for your most prized possessions.* If you add renters coverage onto your auto quote or existing Esurance car insurance, you'll become eligible for the Renters Plus® discount on your premium.**

why is renters insurance important in oregon?

Still need a few reasons why online Oregon renters insurance is worth getting? Here are a few.

Your furry friends can still be fierce

With more than 50 dog parks, Portland ranks second among America's most pet-friendly cities, according to Forbes. If you're taking advantage of the state's dog-centric rental market, keep in mind there's still a chance your fuzzy pal may bite another person or pet. This could lead to medical bills and even a lawsuit. Oregon renters insurance can cover you for things like personal liability and medical payments to others so Bingo doesn't end up costing you major bucks.

Property crime in the city

Portland reported a whopping 4,128 burglaries in 2013, according to the FBI. Renters insurance in Portland and the rest of Oregon can help protect your valuables if they're damaged or stolen.

Precipitation in the Pacific Northwest

Longtime residents know it rains in Oregon. The Portland area, for example, gets about 36 inches of rain every year. If all that rain causes a leak that damages your belongings, Oregon renters insurance can help repair or replace them. (When it comes to buying an umbrella, though, you're on your own.)

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