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Ohio has one of the strongest rental markets in the country, with over one million renters. Even outside major cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, renting is becoming increasingly convenient.

The Buckeye State is a top spot for the natural gas, manufacturing, and auto industries. And for new workers coming in, renting can offer affordability, simplicity, and mobility that homeownership might not.

Esurance is proud to offer renters coverage in Ohio. No matter where you live, get a renters quote to see how our flexible coverage options and easy policy management can help you get the best out of the Buckeye State.

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renters insurance in ohio: is it required?

No, Ohioans aren't legally required to purchase renters insurance unless it's included as part of a lease agreement.

Sadly, many people go without it in Ohio because they mistakenly believe damage to their possessions or accidents on their property are covered by the landlord. While landlords insure the structure of the unit, they don't cover your stuff, your liability, or your living expenses if you have to temporarily relocate after, say, a fire.

what renters insurance covers

Here's an idea of the protection you can get from a standard rental policy on your Ohio apartment.

Personal property coverage
Insures your stuff against burglary or certain disasters. It can even protect your valuables while you're out and about (like if you have your laptop stolen from your car or a ring taken from your travel bag).

Medical payments
Renters insurance can help pay others' injury costs (up to your coverage limit), so unforeseen mishaps don't threaten your hard-earned savings.

Liability insurance
Injured guests sometimes sue (sad, but true). Luckily renters insurance can help cover your legal expenses if an accident turns into a lawsuit.

Additional living expenses
If a covered loss forces you out of your place for a while, renters insurance can help pay for incremental living expenses (hotel, food, etc.).

Cost of renters coverage in Ohio from Esurance

You can get renters coverage that offers protection (and peace of mind) for your property for about $14 a month on average.*

By adding Esurance renters coverage to your car insurance quote or existing auto policy, you'll qualify for the Renters Plus® discount on your premium.**

why online renters insurance in ohio makes sense

It's hard to imagine anything happening to your place or valuables. But incidents can occur easier than you might think. Look at a few couple reasons it pays to be covered in Ohio.

Renters insurance for college students

Did you know Ohio State University has the nation's third-largest college campus, with over 57,000 students? That's the equivalent of a medium-sized suburb made up almost entirely of renters, many of whom would have a hard time replacing stolen property or paying expensive injury bills on their own.

Depending on their age and where they're living, students may be able to use their parents' existing homeowners insurance if they have it. But in many cases, renters insurance can be the best option. Read more about renters insurance for college students.

Tornadoes in Ohio

In 2013, Ohio had a staggering 31 tornadoes, and another 20 in 2014! While your landlord's insurance should cover the structure of your rental, what if tornadoes in Ohio destroy your belongings? If you rent in Ohio — especially during peak tornado season in April to July — renters insurance should be part of your emergency weather plan. Your policy covers your stuff against a variety of natural risks like wind and fire.

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