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New Jersey may be on the smaller side as far as states go, but the advantages of renting here are huge. At only about 150 miles long and 70 miles wide, anywhere you live in the Garden State allows you convenient access to metropolitan delights, both in-state and in surrounding areas.

Whether you want to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park, take sailing lessons off the coast, or take a short boat ride to Ellis Island, New Jersey has something for everyone. No matter where you live, New Jersey renters insurance gives you the security you need to help you get the most out of this fine state.

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Is renters insurance in New Jersey required?

No, renters insurance in New Jersey isn't mandatory, but a lot of landlords are starting to include it as part of the lease agreement. And even if renters insurance isn't required by your landlord, it's still essential if you want better protection for yourself and your valuables.

It can even help protect your stuff while you're away from home (if, say, your iPod is taken from your car while you're on vacation).

Get renters coverage through Esurance

Esurance is proud to offer New Jersey renters coverage. Whether you rent in the "Urban 15" or in a more rural area, you can add renters coverage to your car insurance quote or existing policy — and save some dough on your car insurance with the Renters Plus® discount.*

How renters coverage protects your stuff

Here's an idea of the protection you can get.

Medical payments for others
If a guest is injured on your property, renters insurance can help pay medical bills to fix them up.

Additional living expense
If you're forced to live elsewhere temporarily due to a covered loss, your policy helps cover incremental living expenses.

Personal property coverage
Renters insurance can help replace or repair your valuables if they're stolen or damaged by a covered risk.

Liability coverage
If an accident on your property leads to a lawsuit, your renters coverage can help pay your legal expenses. Your policy can help protect other peoples' belongings, too (like if you overflow your bathtub and water seeps into the apartment below).

New Jersey renters insurance risks

It's hard to imagine anything happening to your valuables, but unfortunately incidents can occur at any time. Here are some risks specific to your area.

Urban property crime

Living in the big city has a ton of perks, but it also comes with an increased risk of property crime. In 2011, Newark reported about 2,400 burglaries, with Jersey City not far behind at more than 1,400, according to the New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety.

Renters insurance helps replace your valuables if the worst happens. In fact, even the New Jersey state government recommends carrying renters insurance.

The Garden State: plant life requires precipitation

New Jersey boasts about 10,000 farms covering almost 800,000 acres of land, according to the state's official website. All that greenery requires a lot of rain, which the Garden State gets plenty of.

If your roof springs a leak from all that rain, renters insurance will help cover the cost of your stuff that's damaged inside the apartment.

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