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missouri renters insurance

The Show Me State has plenty to offer its many renters — with more than 6,000 caves, some of the best waffle cones in the country, and a rich history steeped in local culture, there's something for everyone in Missouri.

Get a quick, free Missouri renters insurance quote online in just a few minutes to see how coverage for your valuables and your personal liability can help you get the most out of renting in your great state.

Plus, by adding Esurance renters coverage to your car insurance policy, you'll qualify for the Renters Plus® discount for savings on your auto insurance.*

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is renters insurance required in missouri?

Not legally, but some landlords may ask that you purchase at least minimal coverage before they lease out their space.

Renters insurance is necessary, however, if you want the best protection for your personal property and liability. There's a common misconception that because landlords carry insurance on the structure of your abode, they must also insure you and your stuff. In truth, that's rarely the case.

Neither damage to items (jewelry, clothing, etc.) nor accidents in your place are typically included under your landlord's policy. With rental insurance in Missouri, you can rest easy knowing your valuables and savings are covered.

missouri renters insurance coverages

Standard renters insurance in Missouri offers coverage for:

Additional living expenses

If a covered loss forces you out of your place temporarily, this coverage helps to pay incremental living expenses (hotel, food, etc.) until you're back home.

Personal property

Get your stuff fixed or replaced if it's stolen or damaged by a covered risk.


Renters insurance can have your back if an accident in or away from your place results in a lawsuit.

Medical payments

Renters coverage helps keep injured guests' medical bills from coming out of your wallet.

average cost of renters coverage from esurance

At Esurance, we know how important it is for renters to keep living costs down. That's why for about $14 a month on average, you can get added protection for your pad.**

why renters insurance makes sense

Still need more reasons why renters insurance is a smart addition in the Show Me State? We'll show you a few.

Futons aren't free: renters insurance for Missouri college students

Missouri has renowned schools across the state, from Washington University to the University of Missouri. A huge portion of the state's renters are college kids — which means a huge portion of the state's renters have laptops, books, and furniture they might not be able to replace on their own.

In some cases, students may be able to use their parents' existing homeowners insurance when accidents happen. But there are times when renters insurance for students can be the best option.

Renters insurance and dogs

Both Kansas City and St. Louis made Forbes' list of the top 10 most pet-friendly cities. If you're one of the many Missourians who take advantage of your state's dog-friendly status, though, there's always the chance that your furry friend could bite someone, leading to possible injury or legal bills. Renters insurance can cover the liability risks of many dog breeds and help make sure your true-blue pal doesn't cost you major green.

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