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kansas renters insurance

Kansas makes for a great state in which to work, eat (think of all those meats and cheeses!), and, yes, rent. The market is booming in the Sunflower State: over 200,000 residents currently live in rental accommodation.

Renters insurance in Kansas is the smartest, simplest way to protect yourself, your home, and your personal belongings. Landlords generally insure your home's structure, but not any damage done to your stuff (like laptops or furniture) or guests injured at your Super Bowl afterparty.

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My last insurance company was so complicated. I love how easy and accessible Esurance is. I can print what I need when I need it, and the customer service is the best I've ever experienced.

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esurance renters coverage in kansas

From Topeka to Wichita, you can get Esurance renters coverage for your apartment for about $14 a month on average.*

By adding coverage to your car insurance quote or existing car policy, you'll qualify for the Renters Plus® discount and score savings on your premium.**

what renters insurance covers

A standard Kansas renters insurance policy will offer protection for:

Your stuff

If your personal belongings are stolen or damaged by a covered risk, renters insurance helps restore or replace them.

Personal liability

If someone injured in your home sues you, renters insurance can help cover your legal fees.

Medical costs

If someone gets hurt in your backyard or cuts their hand carving a turkey at your potluck dinner, a renters policy can help pay for their medical bills.

Additional living expenses

If you're ever forced out of your place due to a covered risk, renters insurance helps cover incremental living expenses (hotel, food, etc.) while your home gets repaired or rebuilt.

renters protection against the elements

Kansas is famous for inclement weather, with the state averaging over 50 tornadoes a year. Having Kansas renters insurance can protect your personal belongings inside your home from a variety of natural disasters, including fire and windstorms.

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