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iowa renters insurance

For many Iowa residents, homeownership is the ultimate goal. But when you're first starting out, renting often makes more sense.

There are many advantages for those renting instead of owning in Iowa: you can minimize risk as you gauge the real estate market, save more money as your career advances, leave maintenance and yard work to someone else, and have the freedom to move whenever you find better digs.

Esurance is proud to offer renters coverage to Iowa residents. By adding Esurance renters coverage to your auto insurance quote or existing auto policy, you'll get savings on your car insurance premium with the Renters Plus® discount.*

Great savings!! I should have done it much sooner!!

– Daniel P.

Great policy, inexpensive and extremely simple to set up, thanks esurance!

– Kenneth J.

I almost halved my insurance payments for the same coverage I was getting. I feel like I broke up with a mean girlfriend.

– Mark S.

is iowa renters insurance required?

No, renters insurance in Iowa is not a requirement (unless your landlord includes it in the lease). Your landlord insures the structure of your unit, but your valuables (furniture, clothing, jewelry, electronics, etc.) are left up to you. Better yet, accidentally leave the faucet on and flood your building? Renters insurance can help cover those costs, too.

When you consider the cost of replacing possessions on your own, or facing a lawsuit if someone gets injured in your place and sues, it's not hard to see why having apartment renters insurance in Iowa is a smart move.

esurance renters coverage in iowa

A standard renters policy in Iowa will give you security for:

Your stuff

Personal property protection can insure your stuff against risks like a burst pipe, fire, or burglary.

Your liability

Liability insurance helps cover your legal expenses if someone is hurt in or away from your place and files a lawsuit against you.

Guests' injuries

If accidents happen to visitors in your home, a rental policy can help pay their medical costs.

Additional living expenses

If a covered loss forces you to leave home temporarily, renters coverage can help pay for incremental living expenses (like hotel and food) until it's safe to return home.

replacement cost coverage

Included in your policy, replacement cost coverage pays settlements based on your possessions' pre-loss value. So, say your 4-year-old laptop gets stolen from your apartment. With this coverage, your replacement is its brand-new equivalent, instead of the depreciated model. Pretty neat, right?

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