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Home of the Indy 500, the Johnny Appleseed Festival, and Hoosier National Forest, Indiana has a wealth of great things to do, both in the city and the great outdoors.

Whether you rent a loft in Indianapolis or an off-campus apartment in Bloomington, you can get a free Indiana renters quote for coverage that protects your stuff while you're out enjoying life in the Hoosier State.

When you add Esurance renters coverage to your car insurance policy, you'll qualify for our Renters Plus® discount on your auto insurance.* It's an easy way to protect your valuables and your car on one policy and save.

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is renters insurance required in indiana?

No, renters insurance isn't mandatory in Indiana unless it's included as a requirement in your lease agreement.

Nonetheless, having coverage is really important if you want protection for your personal belongings and liability. It also covers you for additional living expenses if you need to move out of your place temporarily due to things like fire, theft, or vandalism.

Renters insurance coverages

Some renters think their landlord will foot the bill if personal items are damaged. Not so. Even though the landlord insures the rental structure itself, it's usually up to you to protect the contents of your place (like clothing, artwork, jewelry, etc.).

Renters insurance in Indiana can offer:

Personal property coverage
This protects your belongings from damage due to a covered risk, like burglary or fire. It can even cover your stuff while you're on the move (like if valuables are taken from your car or out of your suitcase).

Liability coverage
Nobody likes to think about it, but you could end up with a lawsuit if a guest is injured at your home. Liability coverage can help cover your legal costs when accidents happen.

Medical payments
If a guest, say, burns themselves on a cookie sheet you just took out of the oven, medical payments coverage will help cover the bills to fix them up.

Additional living expenses
Coverage even helps pay for incremental living expenses like hotels and food if a covered loss forces you to live elsewhere temporarily.

why renters coverage in indiana makes sense

Still need more reasons why Indiana renters insurance is smart to have? Here's a few.

Inside Indiana: property crime in Indianapolis

There were more than 42,900 burglaries reported in the Indianapolis metropolitan area in 2013. When the worst happens, renters coverage can help replace your valuables if they're stolen or damaged.

Indiana's wavering weather

Most of the time, Indiana's weather is relatively comfortable. But when those unforgiving winters set in or summertime thunderstorms roll across the plains, it doesn't always feel that way. Cities like Fort Wayne get more than 32 inches of snowfall per year on average. Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on pipes, but renters insurance can cover your valuables if they're damaged by burst pipes or water leaks.

From downtown to cow country

Indiana incorporates both bustling city life and calm country comfort. And while both have their own appeal, they also each have their own risks.

Renters insurance in Indianapolis will protect you from big-city hazards like burglary and other property crime, while coverage in more rural areas can help safeguard your stuff from the elements.

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