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illinois renters insurance

What's not to love about renting in Illinois? First there's Chicago, where apartments make up 28 percent of housing, and entertainment options abound from Lakeshore Drive to the Mag Mile and beyond.

Even outside the Windy City, renting in metro areas like Aurora, Rockford, and Springfield can offer diversity and convenience that homeownership might not.

For about $14 a month on average*, you can get Esurance renters coverage for your apartment or rental home. By adding the coverage to your car insurance quote or existing Esurance auto policy, you'll qualify for the Renters Plus® discount on your premium.**

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do i need coverage in illinois?

Apartment renters insurance in Illinois isn't state-mandated. But landlords may require that you purchase it before they hand over the keys.

Whether or not it's legally required, rental insurance is the best safeguard for your savings and belongings. Landlords typically insure the structure of your rental unit, but not damage to your items (like electronics and clothing) or injuries to guests (which can leave you vulnerable financially).

So if a fire eats up your stuff or a visitor slips on your stairs and decides to sue, it's renters insurance that can help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses and headaches the size of Lake Michigan. Additionally, if you damage someone else's property by accident (say you accidentally overflow your tub and it seeps into the apartment below you), renters insurance can help cover the costs.

what renters insurance covers

A standard Illinois renters insurance policy will offer protection for:

Your personal property

Renters insurance will help repair or replace your stuff if it's stolen or damaged by a covered risk.

Personal liability

A renters policy can cover legal fees if you're sued by someone who's injured in your place or someone you accidentally injure away from home.

Medical payments

Renters insurance can help pay for the health care costs of the people injured in your apartment too.

Additional living expenses

If a covered risk damages your place to the point of inhabitability, renters insurance can cover some incremental living expenses while repairs are made.

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risks for renters in illinois

Here are a few trends that make renters coverage perfect for Illinois residents.

Renters insurance in Chicago: burglary in the big city

Chicago had more than 14,500 burglaries reported in 2014. Renters coverage can help replace your valuables if they're stolen.

Mother Nature in the Midwest

Illinois sure knows inclement weather. Luckily, renters coverage can protect your stuff from a variety of disasters, including fire, wind, and, yes, the (not-so) occasional winter storm.

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