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idaho renters insurance

Why do more than 80,000 people rent in Idaho? (Hint: it's not just the potatoes.) Well, for starters, it could be the abundance of national parks, reserves, monuments, and historic sites that make it a pretty special place to live.

But being at home in the Gem State is not without risk. If you're renting a house, a condo, or an apartment, renters insurance provides added protection and peace of mind.

If a covered risk renders your home unlivable, renters insurance can help pay for basic costs of living (like hotel, food, etc.) until you can get back home. It also means you won't be left paying out of pocket if your prized possessions are stolen from your apartment.

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My last insurance company was so complicated. I love how easy and accessible Esurance is. I can print what I need when I need it, and the customer service is the best I've ever experienced.

— Paul, Florida


I filed a claim online and was called within 30 minutes. My rep was very helpful and informative — but most of all she was human. It made an odd situation easy to work through.

— Jordan, Massachusetts


You guys get it and you rock! I love dealing with efficient companies without all of the red tape and corporate stuffiness! Thank you Esurance for being awesome and providing a good service.

— Kristoffer, South Carolina

what renters insurance covers

Esurance is glad to represent renters in Idaho. Here's an idea of the protection you can get with renters coverage.

Personal property

If someone snags a pair of shoes from your suitcase or your TV is wrecked by a covered risk, this helps with replacement costs.

Personal liability

Accidents happen — so if you injure someone or damage their property and they sue, personal liability coverage helps with your legal fees.

Medical payments

If a friend is injured in your place, your coverage can help with their medical payments.

Additional living expenses

If you're forced out of your home after disaster strikes, renters coverage can help pay for the essentials until it's safe to return.

affordable coverage from esurance

Renters coverage won't wear out your wallet, costing just $14 a month on average.*

By adding coverage to your car insurance quote or existing Esurance auto policy, you'll also qualify for the Renters Plus® discount.**

risks for renters in idaho

Life in the Gem State is a joy, but it's natural to worry about whether the stuff in your home is safe. Check out a few reasons why renters insurance is a smart buy for Idahoans.

Coverage for college kids

Students can have a tough time finding the funds to repair or replace damaged or stolen goods. With renters insurance, you can relax: your stuff is covered while you're doing research at U of I, shooting hoops for the Broncos, or just trying to stay awake in an 8 a.m. class.

Severe weather watch

Living in Idaho can come with some inherent risks, like wildfires and flash floods. Losing your stuff to a natural disaster is hard enough without the added burden of replacing them. With renters coverage, you can worry less and save more.

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