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From the country's first "American Spa" — the Hot Springs National Park — to the only public diamond mine in the world, Arkansas is a wealth of wonders.

And if you're renting an apartment or house in Arkansas, you're not alone. The state has over 370,000 renters — 33 percent of all households!

Whether you live in bustling Little Rock, another metro area like Conway, or even out in the boonies, you can get an Arkansas renters quote. With Esurance, you can add renters coverage to your auto insurance quote or existing auto policy and qualify for our Renters Plus® discount for savings on your car insurance.*

is renters insurance in arkansas worth it?

Arkansas renters insurance isn't required by law, but your landlord might still ask you to have some coverage before renting to you. And though landlords carry insurance on the structure of your home, they don't have to insure you or your stuff (and most won't).

Damage to personal belongings (jewelry, furniture, etc.) or accidents in your place aren't typically included under your landlord's policy. With renters insurance, you can be sure that your valuables and savings are covered. Likewise, if you accidentally overflow your bathtub and water seeps into the apartment below, renters insurance could help cover the cost of your neighbor's stuff that you damaged.

what renters insurance covers

Standard Arkansas apartment renters insurance will offer protection for:

Your valuables

If your stuff is stolen or damaged by a covered risk, renters coverage helps fix or replace them.

Personal liability

If you're sued by someone who's injured in your place or a person you accidentally injure away from home, renters insurance can help with your legal fees.

Medical bills

If a friend gets injured in your home — say, breaks a leg in your backyard or trips over a toy in your living room — renters insurance can help pay their medical costs.

Additional living expenses

If a covered risk forces you out of your home, renters insurance helps cover incremental living expenses (hotel, food, etc.) while repairs are made.

why renters insurance makes sense

Still need more reasons why online renters insurance is a smart buy in the Natural State? Here's a couple.

Academia in Arkansas: renters insurance for college students

There's over 100 colleges and universities in Arkansas — from the mountain ranges of the Ozarks to the eastern lowlands near the Mississippi River (Little Rock alone has over 30 schools). That adds up to a lot of college students!

Renters insurance for students is a smart buy, because while undergrads can't often afford other types of insurance (or don't see the point), renters coverage keeps their budgets in check and their laptops, books, and furniture protected.

Depending on their age and the type of student accommodation they're living in, students may be able to rely on their parents' existing homeowners insurance. But in many cases, renters insurance can be the best option.

Defense against Southern storms

A typical year in Arkansas will see thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, and ice storms. Imagine: if the weight from an ice storm breaks through your roof and destroys your living room, it's usually up to you to replace your furniture, not the landlord.

Having Arkansas renters insurance can protect your stuff from a variety of disasters, including fire or lightning and windstorms.

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