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Get the lowdown on the selection of money-saving discounts available when you get a pet insurance quote through Esurance.

Discounts on your policy help you save money

ways to save money on pet insurance

As affordable as pet insurance is already, it's pretty sweet to know you can save even more with discounts from our pet insurance partner, Petplan. See if you qualify for some of these cash-savers when you get your free online quote.

  • Online discount

    Save 5 percent on your policy just for enrolling online. Simple as that.

  • Medical services pet discount

    If your dog or cat is a medical services animal, you could save 10 percent on your insurance. Noble work reaps great rewards!

  • Multiple pet discount

    You could earn a 10 percent savings just for insuring more than one dog or cat together on the same policy.

  • Veterans and serving military discount

    Whether you're a currently serving member of the Armed Forces or a retired vet, you could save 10 percent on your pet policy.

  • Veterinary professionals discount

    If you're veterinary staff or a student in vet school, you could be eligible for savings on your policy.

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