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South Carolina's soaring heights provide some beautiful sights, and that's part of what makes motorcycling in the Palmetto State so exceptional.

So you can fully enjoy roadside attractions like South of the Border on Route 301 — a rest stop outfitted with an amusement park — and those breathtaking views from Sea Island Parkway, it's a smart move to make sure your bike gets the best protection possible.

While we don't currently cover riders in the state, you can still get a South Carolina motorcycle insurance quote through Esurance for affordable and flexible coverage from our partner.

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My last insurance company was so complicated. I love how easy and accessible Esurance is. I can print what I need when I need it, and the customer service is the best I've ever experienced.

— Paul, Florida


I filed a claim online and was called within 30 minutes. My rep was very helpful and informative — but most of all she was human. It made an odd situation easy to work through.

— Jordan, Massachusetts


You guys get it and you rock! I love dealing with efficient companies without all of the red tape and corporate stuffiness! Thank you Esurance for being awesome and providing a good service.

— Kristoffer, South Carolina

south carolina discounts

In keeping with your state's namesake direction, we want to help riders move their motorcycle rates in a southerly trajectory. And it doesn't get any easier than scoring convenient discounts with our trusted partner.

When you get your free quote in South Carolina, you could stand to benefit from a variety of nifty perks, including but not limited to:

  • Homeowner discount
  • Multi-Vehicle discount
  • Safety Course discount
  • Paid-in-Full discount
  • Motorcycle Endorsement discount

do i need motorcycle insurance in south carolina?

Yes, all riders in your state must carry liability insurance with at least the following limits:

  • $15,000 bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 bodily injury per incident
  • $10,000 property damage per incident

If you're found at-fault in an accident, liability kicks in to help pay others' injury or property damage costs. So for example, if you had the minimum limits and were responsible for damage to another driver's car, your policy would cover up to $10,000 in repairs.

Because accident bills have a way of snowballing, it's wise to protect your hard-earned finances with more than just the bare minimum. A good rule of thumb is to select as much South Carolina liability coverage as you can comfortably afford. That way, you can focus on the green that fills the landscape as you ride the Palmetto State (rather than green that's not filling your wallet).

the issue of motorcycle theft in your state

While favorable weather and majestic scenery attract motorcycle lovers far and wide (which is great), bike thieves are often not far behind (definitely not so great). South Carolina ranks as the sixth-worst state for motorcycle theft, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. There were over 2,000 stolen bikes reported in 2013 alone.

Before heading out on your hog, it pays to brush up on your motorcycle theft prevention tips. You might also want to consider installing a recovery system, such as LoJack®, to make finding your beloved chariot a heck of a lot easier if it ever is stolen. As an added bonus, this could also net you a LoJack discount with our partner (win-win!).

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