rhode island motorcycle insurance

Since Rhode Island is mostly flat, some of the greatest rides stem from its array of lowlands and scenic beaches. Route 116, a mostly winding 26.3 miles, is a favorite for weekend motorcycling.

Whichever route you like to ride, we can help you find motorcycle coverage that can work wonders for your bike and your budget. Get a fast, free Rhode Island motorcycle insurance quote with our partner for flexible coverage options and straightforward policy management.

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My last insurance company was so complicated. I love how easy and accessible Esurance is. I can print what I need when I need it, and the customer service is the best I've ever experienced.

— Paul, Florida


I filed a claim online and was called within 30 minutes. My rep was very helpful and informative — but most of all she was human. It made an odd situation easy to work through.

— Jordan, Massachusetts


You guys get it and you rock! I love dealing with efficient companies without all of the red tape and corporate stuffiness! Thank you Esurance for being awesome and providing a good service.

— Kristoffer, South Carolina

how to save on rhode island motorcycle insurance

Savings come easy in Little Rhody. In fact, you could earn nifty discounts with our trusted partner simply for going about your normal routine.

For instance, if you own your abode in the Ocean State, you could save on your motorcycle premium with a convenient Homeowner discount — how simple is that? Or just for being the safe, cautious, and splendid (we assume) rider you are, you could get rewarded with a Claim Free Renewal or Responsible Driver discount.

You'll be able to see exactly what discounts you qualify for and how much you stand to save when you get your fast, free quote.

motorcycle insurance requirements in rhode island

Rhode Island requires its bikers to at least carry liability insurance, which kicks in after at-fault accidents to help cover others' injuries or property damage that you're responsible for.

Rhode Island liability comes with the following minimum limits:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury per incident
  • $25,000 property damage per incident; OR
  • $75,000 combined single limit encompassing all 3 categories

Keep in mind, you always have the choice of going with higher limits than the bare minimum (and we strongly recommend it).

do i have to wear a helmet in rhode island?

If you're under the age of 21, motorcycle helmets are legally required in your state. No matter your age or riding experience, though, the simple fact is you should never hit the road without protecting your head.

Studies have shown that motorcycle helmets are roughly 70 percent effective at preventing brain injuries after a crash, and roughly 40 percent effective at reducing riding fatalities.

If you don't wear a helmet and have gone unharmed thus far, don't believe the myth that you're indestructible going forward. The odds are heavily stacked against riders who don't cushion their cranium, so make the heady choice before your next Rhode Island cruise and slap on your helmet.

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