nebraska motorcycle insurance

The vast open plains and softly rolling hills of the Cornhusker State make cruising through it an absolute dream for motorcycle riders.

And even though Esurance doesn't insure Nebraska motorcyclists yet, we still want to make sure you can find affordable motorcycle insurance to help you get the most out of your beautiful state. Start your Nebraska motorcycle insurance quote here at Esurance to get coverage for your bike with our partner.

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My last insurance company was so complicated. I love how easy and accessible Esurance is. I can print what I need when I need it, and the customer service is the best I've ever experienced.

— Paul, Florida


I filed a claim online and was called within 30 minutes. My rep was very helpful and informative — but most of all she was human. It made an odd situation easy to work through.

— Jordan, Massachusetts


You guys get it and you rock! I love dealing with efficient companies without all of the red tape and corporate stuffiness! Thank you Esurance for being awesome and providing a good service.

— Kristoffer, South Carolina

cash in on nebraska motorcycle discounts

One of Nebraska's state mottos (and definitely its best) reads simply: "The good life." And what makes life even better is scoring convenient motorcycle insurance discounts along the way.

For example, 2 out of every 3 people in the Cornhusker State own their home. That's pretty sweet. But now factor in lower motorcycle rates thanks to the Homeowner discount. Even sweeter, right?

Or take the fact that Nebraska bikers have one of the shortest, least stressful commutes in the nation at just 18 minutes. Sounds great already. But toss in savings from a Claim Free Renewal discount that you can earn by driving safely in this traffic-free oasis, and it's that much more enjoyable.

To see other ways motorcycle discounts can make your (already darn good) life can even better, grab your free quote from our partner.

required motorcycle insurance for nebraskans

In Nebraska, riders must have liability insurance. If you accidentally cause an accident, liability coverage goes toward reimbursing others for their damages, such as injury bills and property/vehicle repairs.

You can always select higher limits, but minimum requirements for liability are:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury per incident
  • $25,000 property damage per incident

do i have to wear a helmet in nebraska?

You bet! Nebraska has a universal helmet law requiring helmets for all riders, regardless of age or experience.

If you're new to motorcycling, you may have questions on how to find the perfect lid for you. Before making this important purchase, we recommend brushing up on our simple helmet-sizing tips so you can walk into the shop knowing exactly what you need.

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