idaho motorcycle insurance

With some of the top motorcycle routes in the U.S., Idaho ranks high on the list of dream riding spots. So it makes sense to choose the best Idaho motorcycle insurance possible before hitting the road in your hog-friendly home state.

While Esurance doesn't currently offer motorcycle insurance in Idaho, you can still start a free quote through us for a flexible, affordable policy with our trusted partner. As you explore what makes your state such a wild ride, take comfort knowing you'll be well protected.

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My last insurance company was so complicated. I love how easy and accessible Esurance is. I can print what I need when I need it, and the customer service is the best I've ever experienced.

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I filed a claim online and was called within 30 minutes. My rep was very helpful and informative — but most of all she was human. It made an odd situation easy to work through.

— Jordan, Massachusetts


You guys get it and you rock! I love dealing with efficient companies without all of the red tape and corporate stuffiness! Thank you Esurance for being awesome and providing a good service.

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idaho discounts — ride smart and save

Motorcycles are a blast, but they're not always easy. That's what makes riding one so special, and also what makes enrolling in a motorcycle safety course so darn wise.

These classes can help you master all manner of tricky riding situations — from how to pass other riders to how to lean on sharp corners — and help limit Idaho's above-average motorcycle fatality rate. Plus, you could get rewarded for your good driving in Idaho with perks like the Safety Course, Responsible Driver, or Claim Free Renewal discounts.

You'll be able to see all the savings opportunities available to you when you get a free quote with our trusted partner.

required motorcycle insurance in idaho

The custom engine, the waterproof riding suit, the Boise State-inspired blue and orange paint job … all these things are optional (amazing, but optional). What's not optional, however, is Idaho motorcycle insurance.

All riders in your neck of the woods must have liability insurance, which helps safeguard your assets if you ever cause an accident by helping others' get the property damage and injury funds they need.

Idahoans must at least carry the following liability limits:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury per incident
  • $15,000 property damage per incident

Want more protection? You'll be able to select higher liability limits, plus a slew of optional coverages, when you get your quote.

thrilling motorcycle routes in idaho

Of all U.S. states, Idaho has the fifth-most "Top 100" roads per, meaning Gem State riders have a treasure trove of goose bump-inducing ways to spend their day, such as:

Northwest Passage Scenic Byway

Spiral down the gorgeous Clearwater River Canyon and dip back in time on the Nez Perce national historic trails, all against the unforgettable backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Scenic Triangle Loop

Canyons, wetlands, mountains, and the Panhandle National Forest … this route has a bit of everything.

Salmon River Scenic Byway

Explore the largest patch of wilderness that the lower 48 states has to offer. (Oh, and the Salmon River is also known as "The River of No Return." There's that, too.)

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