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Only one thing can improve cruising the open road on your bike: knowing you've scored motorcycle insurance discounts while you do it. We'll bring you up to speed on how to cut your premium.

ways to save on motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance savings and discounts are fun, refreshing, and prone to drawing envious stares from your fellow bikers (like your motorcycle itself). Here are some of the policy perks you might be able to score when you get a motorcycle insurance quote.

Multi-Vehicle discount

Get savings just for insuring more than one bike, trike, ATV, etc., on the same policy.

Homeowners discount

Enjoy reduced motorcycle insurance rates if you own your home.

Recovery Device discount

Not only does having a recovery system help prevent thieves from getting their hands on your bike, it helps you grab some bike insurance discounts in the process (win-win, anyone?).

Paid-in-Full discount

Slash your motorcycle insurance rates simply by paying your premium all at once instead of in monthly intervals.

Responsible Driver discount

Score a discount for your stellar track record: 2 years without an accident or moving violation means savings from some insurance companies (including us).

Safety Course discount

You'll qualify for this discount if you complete an approved driving safety class.

Multi-Policy discount

Entrust your car and motorcycle policies to us and save on both. Discount amount will vary.

Motorcycle Endorsement discount

Save some green by proving your riding knowledge is anything but. By learning the ropes and earning your motorcycle license or endorsement (an extension of your auto license that clears you to ride motorcycles), you'll get a discount.

Switch & Save® discount

Save up to 15 percent when you switch to Esurance from another company. Just our little (make that big) way of saying welcome!

Antilock Brakes discount

Defensive-minded riders can save automatically just for having this common safety feature on their bike.

Association discount

Savings just for hanging with your buddies? Yep. Save up to 5 percent on your motorcycle insurance as a member of any 1 of 20 approved motorcycle organizations.


what our customers say

"Everyone I spoke with at Esurance was excellent to work with. They were helpful and efficient every step of the way. I have recommended Esurance to a lot of people lately."

— Denise, Illinois

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loyalty rewards

When you start a policy with Esurance or through our partner, you can discover another great way to save: loyalty rewards.

By maintaining that policy over time, you could qualify for the following motorcycle benefits:

Small accident forgiveness

This perk helps prevent your rate from increasing (and thus keeps money in your wallet) if you cause a minor accident on your bike.

Large accident forgiveness

Being a truly loyal customer shouldn't go unnoticed. That's why longtime policyholders (4-plus years) get the benefit of the doubt even if they have a major at-fault claim. If you and the drivers on your policy have been claim- and violation-free for at least 3 years, your rate won't be affected after your first big incident (cue that sigh of relief).

motorcycle insurance rates: faqs

What payment plans are available for motorcycle insurance policies?

This varies depending on a variety of factors. If you choose to pay your premium in one fell swoop, your motorcycle insurance rate will be a bit lower thanks to the Paid-in-Full discount.

If you choose to pay quarterly or monthly, you can use a credit card, personal check, or Electronic Funds Transfer from your checking account. Payments can be made online or over the phone at any time. You'll be able to select your preferred payment plan when you get your motorcycle insurance quote.

How can I find the cheapest motorcycle insurance policy?

Motorcycle policies can be surprisingly affordable. Get a free motorcycle insurance quote to see how much your policy will cost, but keep in mind that a cheap motorcycle insurance policy has inherent risks. The less coverage you buy, the cheaper your policy will be, but if you get in an accident you could end up paying significantly more for damages, medical payments, and other expenses.

I'm a first-time rider. What's the average cost of motorcycle insurance?

Many factors go into a motorcycle insurance premium, which makes it challenging to provide a reliable average cost. If you have a clean driving record, that works in your favor. If you drive for a number of years without filing a claim, your rate could go down accordingly.

In contrast, a lack of experience on 2 wheels may place you in a higher risk class. Your motorcycle's make, model, year, and condition will all impact your rate, as will the coverages, deductibles, and limits you select, and other factors. We suggest doing a motorcycle insurance comparison after getting multiple quotes.

I hear women get cheaper motorcycle rates than men. Can you explain?

All things being equal, motorcycle insurance rates can cost less for women based on data about which gender is less accident-prone.

In practice, it's not as simple as apples to apples. Age, location, driving history, the make and model of your bike, the age of the bike, riding experience, and other factors are all taken into account when you get a motorcycle insurance quote. The best way to get a low rate is to purchase a safe, reliable bike and maintain a clean riding record.

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