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How to get the right amount of homeowners insurance

Try our Home Insurance Calculator. It helps you figure out how much protection is right for you. Also, make sure your policy can:

protect your car

Protect your home ... and your stuff.

It's more than just 4 walls. It's your home. And your homeowners insurance is there to protect it from things like fire, hail, wind, break-ins, and more.

More on dwelling coverages.

protect you

Protect yourself and the people under your roof.

Homeowners insurance can help pay for medical bills if someone accidentally gets hurt on your property. Like if a delivery person slips on ice. It happens.

More on medical coverages.

protect your wallet

Protect your money.

If an accident takes place in your home, your homeowners insurance may help pay for medical expenses. And even legal fees.

More on liability coverage.

How to save on homeowners insurance

Just because your home costs a pretty penny doesn't mean your insurance has to. At Esurance, we actually want you to save money. Imagine that.*

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Get all your discounts.

Not to sound like a cheesy car commercial, but ... we have discounts, discounts, discounts. And most of them are pretty easy to get.

More on homeowner discounts.

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Do an inspection. Get $50.

We take the hassle out of home inspections with our handy app. Plus, when you do it yourself, you save $50. Instantly.

More on our DIY inspection app.

car and home bundle

Bundle with auto.

When you bundle multiple insurance policies with Esurance (like home & car or home & motorcycle), you could save ... BIG time.

More on bundling.

How we make homeowners insurance easy

Homeowners insurance shouldn't be a hassle. We make it easy to get things done.

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Go paperless. Manage your policy. Or make a payment. Do it all online — anytime, anywhere.

Easily file a claim

After an accident, the last thing you want to deal with is painful insurance. We'll make the claims process quick and easy.

Homeowners insurance 101

Check out our Info Center for helpful checklists and tips. It's insurance, minus the mumbo jumbo.

Homeowners insurance that's simple is sweet

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or call 1-866-439-5633

Or call 1-866-439-5633 and let us help you out.

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A homeowners insurance policy can provide a financial safety net in the event your home or belongings are accidently damaged. It usually covers other structures on your property like tool sheds or garages. It could also help with medical or legal expenses if someone gets hurt on your property. Plus, most mortgage lenders require you to have it. Most home insurance policies last for one year and renewal statements are sent out before the policy is set to expire.

Simply put, homeowners insurance protects you from financial loss after a covered incident (think things like wind, hail, theft, fire, and more). This includes your home and other structures on your property. And your stuff (like furniture, electronics, appliances) to a certain limit. And if you're on the hook for injuries anyone's sustained on your property. Learn about specific coverages and protection for your home.

If you own expensive things that surpass your coverage limits (like fine art or an antique grandfather clock), you might want to consider an insurance rider for extra protection.

Owning a home can be pricey. We get that. That's why we work hard to offer you the best coverage at the best price. And we believe that homeowners who take initiative deserve to save. For example, if you've outfitted your home with security features (burglar alarms, smoke detectors, water safety systems), you could save on homeowners insurance.

Check out homeowners insurance discounts.

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